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Ghana’s COVID-19 cases would’ve been dire if not for our support – GHAFTRAM

R3fj GHAFTRAM’s General Secretary Nana Kwadwo Obiri

Tue, 21 Feb 2023 Source:

The Ghana Federation of Traditional Medicine Practitioners Associations (GHAFTRAM) says its contribution to the management of the outbreak of Covid-19 has been a phenomenon.

GHAFTRAM’s General Secretary Nana Kwadwo Obiri stated that they made significant contributions to the outbreak’s management.

He stated that several of their herbal products have been approved as immune boosters and as components of drugs to treat Covid-19.

“Several of our products were used in managing Covid-19,” he said on Rainbow Radio 87.5Fm’s Frontline. The products used were effective and efficient, assisting the country in dealing with the outbreak.

"We contributed significantly to the government’s management of our cases. What we did not do was communicate our successes so that Ghanaians could see what we had accomplished.

“Ghana would have faced a major crisis and a terrible situation if we had not received assistance. “We made a significant contribution,” he emphasised.

He revealed that when the disease broke out, the Association formed a research team led by Nana Kissi Opam to devise strategies to help suppress the outbreak.

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