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How I got into drugs - Viral drug addict who finished BECE with aggregate 6 shares his story

Prince Aniawu's before and after look

Mon, 12 Feb 2024 Source:

Prince Aniawu, the former student of Bishop Herman College, who went viral after warning Ghanaian youth to stay away from drugs, has narrated how he became a drug addict.

Aniawu, who has now turned around his life after undergoing rehabilitation, said that he got into drugs when he entered college after being influenced by a senior he admired.

Speaking in a video shared by SikaOfficial on X, on Sunday, February 11, 2024, the former Bishop Herman student said that he was told that drugs would make him more intelligent and increase his sexual performance.

“I am a grateful recovering addict of crack, cocaine, heroin, weed, nicotine, pills like rapinol, tramadol, diaspora and what have you. It all started back in senior high school, my first year. They told them the drugs can serve as an aphrodisiac, I mean, giving you power downstairs.

“To me, I was misinformed that it could serve as a learning facilitator, sort of enhancing my academic aptitude. That was a senior man who was already doing drugs in the college, who I met and was my senior man. I was someone who really loved academics. And so, when I realized that he was doing very well, I got attracted to him,” he narrated.

The recovering addict added, “And then the power of words, he told me this drug, if I take it, I could study very well and I could just be outstanding in class. I fell prey; I was a child. When I started doing these drugs, it was initially through foods and drinks like shito and beverages.”

Aniawu said that after he started taking the hard drugs, he was always finding himself in trouble at school.

He said that the drugs made him very stubborn and led to him even using his school fees on them, which eventually earned him an indefinite suspension.

“When I started doing these drugs, I realized that I started rebelling against school... I started hating classes, I started loving parties, and just being immoral. I realized what he promised me wasn't true. And then later on I had issues with my school. I started squandering my school fees. So, I got suspended indefinitely. And what happened? I became depressed. I became frustrated,” he said.

He added that when he went home after being suspended, his family also rejected him, which even made things worse for him.

He said that after being rejected by his family, he found comfort in the hands of addicts in his community which made his addiction even worse.



In the viral video, Prince said that his dream of becoming a lawyer had been shattered by his drug addiction.

He said that because of his brilliance, he was offered a scholarship to study at the secondary level but his addiction to drugs destroyed him.

“I went to Bishop Herman College on a scholarship from the District Assembly. I had 1 throughout, but only French gave me a grade of 4 at Junior High. So, the DCE invited me one-on-one and told me to just go to school. I went to school and I met a colleague and this is me today,” he recounted.

Prince's cry for help in the viral video led to Pastor Elvis Agyemang, convener of Alpha Hour, donating GH¢12,000, towards seeking a rehabilitation program for him.

This was after Nana Tea, a popular social media influencer, took up his case and first shared his story online.

New visuals sighted by GhanaWeb show a transformed Prince Aniawu, just weeks after his video went viral.

From the tattered clothes and ‘unkempt’ hair, Prince now looks well-fed and fresh in the new videos.

He could be heard thanking Pastor Elvis Agyemang and all the people who helped him to get back his life, in a video shared by Nana Tea, on YouTube.

Watch his narration in the video below:


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