xxxxxxxxxxx Thu, 30 May 2019

Rotary Club of Accra Airport renovates Nkrumah ward

Rotary Club of Accra Airport has handed over the Nkrumah ward of the 37 Military Hospital back to hospital authorities after renovating the facility.

The action taken by Rotary has made the medical block more child friendly and accessible to its users.

According to the President of Rotary Club of Accra Airport, Afua Ababio, the group saw the need to carry out the renovation to ensure there is fresh ventilation at the ward after realising the place was too warm for comfort anytime they visited to make donations.

The Nkrumah ward has now been furnished with playgrounds for children, and an area for nursing mothers to keep their stuff whilst taking care of their children.

Afua Ababio stated that this initiative carried out would make the mothers feel comfortable when their children are on admission.

She revealed that, there would be a renovation at the surgical block of the Nkrumah ward as well, adding that, the new project would be completed in June 2019.

The Chief Nursing Officer of 37 Military Hospital, Josephine Osei-Vowotor noted that the renovated ward will contain about 30 patients on admission.

She, however, said her department looks forward to receiving equipment from Rotary to increase productivity in the hospital.

Source: www.ghanaweb.com