Health News Sun, 7 Jan 2007

THFH Records 34 TBCases In 15 Months

Though the treatment of Tuberculosis (TB) is free it is still escalating at an alarming rate. This has become a severe headache on the Ministry of Health and other health related bodies. Upon all the setbacks experienced in the past, experts have expressed optimism that the trend will surely go down considering the proactive measures put in place.

In an interaction with Techiman Municipal TB co-ordinator, Nana Nketia Stephen, he announced that, Techiman Holy Family Hospital (THFH) within a period of 15 months recorded 34 TB cases. Statically, he said, from January-December, 2005 THFH recorded 16 cases. He however added that during the last quarter of 2006, 18 TB cases were brought before the hospital.

According to the municipal TB co-ordinator with the tabulated cases for the 2005, nine (9) of them were smear positive ones with six (6) being smear negative. One case was also said to be relapse and the other two being extra pulmonary (TB of the bones infection and kidney).

Nana Nketia attributed the rising figure in the last quarter of 2006 to the affected people’s failure to stick medical advice. He charged on people suffering from TB to endeavour to stick closely to advice giving by medical personnel as a step to curb the disease, adding that TB is curable.


He lamented that one person can infect up to 14 people but hastened that one stand the chance of protecting him/her self from the dreadful disease by staying a distance from people suffering from TB, particularly any time they try to release phlegms or cough.

Throwing more light on the recorded cases, it was established that with the cases gathered by the health personnel last two years, 11 of them were smear positive whiles 5 of the reported cases were also smear negative. However, Mr. Nketia told Classic News that out of the total number of 16 cases listed, the hospital was able to treat eight (8) of them. The municipal TB co-ordinator intimated that two persons sorrowfully passed away with one patient referring to the Okomfo Anokye Teaching Hospital (KATH) in Kumasi.TB patients were warned to cover their mouths when coughing in public to avoid contaminating their environs, there by preventing people from getting into close contact with it. They were further advised to live in ventilated room.

Nana Nketia stated emphatically that one major problem militating against the treatment of TB is the failure of people living with the disease to follow treatment procedure.

Source: Ransford K. Agyemang, Classic Fm, Techiman