A-Plus advises NPP to consider ‘one constituency, two tractors’

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Wed, 14 Sep 2016 Source: kasapafmonline.com

Kwame Asare Obeng (A-Plus) has added his voice to the ‘One Policy’ campaign promises.

In an interview with Fiifi Banson on Anopa Kasapa on Kasapa 102.5FM Tuesday, the controversial singer , disclosed that the Agricultural sector is lacking and needs to be supported with modern equipment to improve on the harvest yield yearly, as the use of traditional farm tools slows productivity.

He therefore advised Nana Addo to consider adding ‘One-Constituency, Two-Tractors’ since if all the constituencies in the country cultivate one crop in a particular season, there will be increase in the harvest.

Fiifi asked why A-Plus becomes vibrant only during an election year, he answered that “For those who claim that I only become vibrant during election year don’t really know my history. In 2001, I released the popular ‘Mesuro suo Na mekeka’ after the election year in March.

“I have done many songs not only during election year though some of the songs coincide with elections and some of the songs were done because of the pressure from the fans. Some of the fans write songs for me on my Facebook timeline.”

When asked about the response he has gotten from writing the satirical songs from 2001, he said, “From 2001 the responses are many. I remember after releasing ‘A Letter’ to parliament, most of the New Patriotic Party members were infuriated so they decided to sue me but the media was helpful since many weren’t abreast with the freedom of speech. The media’s role in educating the public on freedom of speech and right to free speech made many people understood that Politicians weren’t different from the ordinary Ghanaian.

“Even though there are many who lack the understanding of this freedom yet majority of the people of understands that freedom of speech and right to free speech are here to stay.”

Fiifi asks if he is a staunch member of the opposition party, NPP, he opined “I vote for Nana Addo, which means if Nana Addo is no more the presidential aspirant for NPP and a new person is elected as the new candidate I will assess that person to see if he/she fits to govern this country.”

A-Plus continued that “I’m for Nana Addo but not necessarily that someone will state categorically that I’m a member of the NPP or NDC, what is imperative for every politician is that the one to be voted for should be able to help the country. If NDC should elect someone who is capable of governing the country, I will vote for such person as long as we all know his track records and what he can do to help the country we will all support such a person.”

When asked why he (A-Plus) prefers Nana Addo to John Mahama, he said “I think as electorates, we have to listen to what every politician will say then we based on that to vote for our favourite candidates.”

According to him, in 2012 the NPP’s Presidential Candidate told Ghanaians that he will implement free Senior High School policy and in 2016 he then brought out new policy, One dam-One village policy but what Ghanaians hope for is that even during the drought season farmers can still cultivate since these dams might be in operation.

“I will vote for a president who says we are going to create artificial dam and not John Mahama. If NDC should elect a candidate with same policies as Nana Addo I will support that candidate.

“One day NDC will present a candidate that I can support. My support for Nana Addo isn’t based on personal relationship but on what he says he will do. I have so many friends in NDC.”


Fiifi asked him if it because of the alleged corrupt practices in the NDC government that informed him to compose the ‘Ab?n B? Bom’ song, he affirmed “Yes because Government have been reluctant on these corruption practices since it people are involved in such scandals.”

Kwame A-Plus added that selected few have enriched themselves with Government resources making others suffer at their expense.

“These corrupt attitudes of some government officials though deliberate yet an act of wickedness since some of them come into office to only improve their lives with country’s resources.

According to him, these same corrupt officials are sabotaging Nana Addo’s presidential ambition in view of the fact that they may be prosecuted for misappropriating government funds so they inform electorates that the NPP’s presidential Candidate is unkind.


These days Ghanaians are more discerning to know who to vote for. Formally some people were been misled because they didn’t get access to social Media platforms (Facebook, Whatsapp) but not now.”


He disclosed that when he released ‘A Letter to Parliament’ in 2007 most of the NDC members where all in support including Kwesi Pratt and even assured him to speak to Lawyer Mortey on his (A-Plus) behalf should the NPP take legal action.

“I’m disappointed in Kwesi Pratt for reasons that he kept mute and supported me after I released ‘A Letter to Parliament’ which was against the NPP but because the ‘Ab?n B? Bom’ is not in favour of NDC he has quickly jumped in to speak on behalf of the NDC.”

Kwame A-Plus becomes the artiste of the moment in every election year with his politically inspired songs.

He is well informed when it comes to politics, and his criticism of the sitting Government is always taken seriously by the masses.

Source: kasapafmonline.com
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