Politics Wed, 13 Sep 2006

Activist wants JAK & JJ To Apologize

... Appeals to Asantehene to clear his name
A CPP activist says it is in the Nation's Best Interest for President John Agyekum Kufuor to publicly apologise (on behalf of the U.P. Tradition - turned NPP), to Ghanaians, especially, to members of the CPP for the assassination attempts by U.P. members on Ghana's first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, coupled with the series of politically motivated bombings against CPP targets before and after independence - at the same time, calling upon former President Jerry John Rawlings to apologise to the Nation before the end of 2008, for the AFRC/PNDC era Human Rights abuses, in order to [permanently] heal the Nation.

"Ghana lives on [Borrowed Peace]. What the Nation truly needs is "PERMANENT PEACE", the Peace Activist told the " Truth, and Nothing but the Truth "

The Ghanaian born Politician, who according to him, stood up mightily against a [FEW] Bullies of a SUPER POWER - ( with the help of "Brave Americans", and special Thanks to former President Bill Clinton's White House, which ordered the Justice Department to investigate allegations of persecution against the first Ghanaian born to symbolically run for Mayor of Los Angeles and the first indigenous African to run for a higher public office in the history of America ) - says his "Political Thought" of a Permanent Peace process for Ghana lies in Genuine Reconciliation in which 100% of the Truth in Political Crimes against Civilians is told to the Nation - in exchange for Amnesty or light sentences in (certain Crimes), rather than the current "Hypocritical Reconciliation Process" which [still] harbours the ingredients of hate, and vengeance - ( especially, between the two top Political Leaders in the Country's "Political Divide").

The CPP activist and 2004 CPP Parliamentary Candidate for Nhyiaeso Constituency in Kumasi, Ashanti Region, has set an example by [publicly] apologising to Ghanaians around the World, and especially to the Convention People's Party (CPP) Leadership, Supporters, and Admirers, for the "Ancestral Political Sins" of his Asante ancestors, who opposed Ghana's first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah's "Anti-Colonialism and anti-Imperialism" struggles - despite the fact that the first President stood for the [same] heroic anti-Colonialism and Anti-Imperialism Struggles which "Our ancestors, like Queen-Warrior, Nana Yaa Asantewaa gallantly stood for", said the Political guru.

The Politician, formerly known as "Kwame Mayor", who says " Asantes, like [ALL] other Ethnic or Tribal groups in Ghana - Gas, Ewes, Dagombas, Fantes, Brongs, Kwahus, Frafras, Akyems, Mamprusis, Nzemas, etc are Good People", noted that the noble principles of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah for every human being to live in Dignity and to [refuse] to live in Servitude, was enough to have made Ashanti Region (and) the rest of the Regions in Ghana, CPP strongholds, had the early opponents of Dr. Nkrumah not distorted facts about the first President. !!!

"Osagyefo" Kwame Appiah Boateng, whose blood ancestors from the Adonteng Puduo Royal Family of Bamang, near the Kente weaving town of Bonwire in the Ashanti Region, historically and gallantly led Asante Wars against Colonialism and Imperialism, - in their capacity as War Generals and historical occupants of the Kumasi or Asante Adontenghene Chieftaincy Stool, pleaded with the CPP hierarchy to forgive his Asante ancestors for their "Political Sins", assuring the Party that Ashanti Region - like the rest of other Regions in Ghana, would sooner or later turn into a CPP stronghold.


"Asantes are good people; Ewes are good people, Gas are good people, Fantes are good people, Kwahus are good people, Akyems are good people, Brongs are good people, Dagombas are good people, Nzemas are good people, Frafras are good people, etc, etc - in a nutshell, [ALL] Ghanaian Ethnic groups and Tribes are good people", said the Pan Africanist Politician and Asante Traditionalist who has always advocated for peaceful co-existence among [All] Ghanaian Ethnic groups and tribes, especially peaceful co-existence between Asantes and Ewes, Akans and Dagombas, Akans and Gas, etc, etc

"Our [New Millinnium] Political struggle should aim at uniting us and ending the vestiges of "High-Tech" Colonialism, Imperialism and Neo-Colonialism", said the uncompromising Pro-American and Pan -Africanist Democracy Advocate, Human Rights Activist and a Civil Rights Leader in his own right.

" We should pursue the legitimate struggle to unite Africa; build a Continental African Union Government to be called - United African States (UAS); create an African and Neo-Nkrumahist Model of Government; European Democratic-Socialism Model or United States' Democratic Party's Model of government that promotes Multi-Party Democracy, Freedom, Liberty and Equality; a Free Enterprise; a Welfare to Workfare system; massive Social Programs for the Poor, the Dis-advantaged and the Working Poor; Jobs for the Poor, the Youth and Students, etc to enable them to live with Dignity, instead of living on "Life Support Hand-Outs"; Government intervention to correct Inequities and Injustice and above all, Equal Rights for [both] the Poor and the Rich - in a system that rewards hardwork, creativity, skills, productivity; and excellence and also, a system that shows Compassion to the Poor, the weak and the dis-advantaged, with food, clothes, low -income housing, etc, which the United States of America should be given due credit for instituting anti-poverty programmes and as a sign of moral awakening, even the Republican Party under President George Bush has seen the essence of striving for "Faith-Based" Social programs and Economic Empowerment programmes in a "Compassionate America" which the Democratic Party deserves commendation for paving the way !!!.

IN ANOTHER DEVELOPMENT, "Osagyefo" Kwame Appiah Boateng has appealed to Ghanaians to give Otumfuo Osei-Tutu II, Asantehene, the benefit of the doubt and respect his INNOCENCE until proven otherwise, in the on-going Cocaine Investigation Saga, or the "C Word" Scandal Investigation, and the marverick Politician strongly defended Mr. Kwesi Pratt, Editor of the Insight and a high ranking CPP member, for being fair-minded enough to appeal to the Asante King to come out and clear his GOOD NAME !!!.

The self proclaimed "Re-incarnation of Ghana's first President, Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah", says that although he believes 100 % in Otumfuor's innocence in the Cocaine Scandal or the "C Word" Scandal Investigation - (until proven otherwise), he would like to add his voice to Mr. Kwesi Pratt's plea for the Asante King not only to clear his GOOD NAME but to absolutely clear the MYSTICAL and UN-BLEMISHED name of the GOLDEN STOOL !!!.

"With due respect to Nananom and to His Royal Highness, Otumfuo Osei-Tutu II, he (the King), should come out and clear the Sacred name of the GOLDEN STOOL, said the CPP activist who has publicly appealed to the Asante King (not) to take sides in the " Quasi - Democratic Political Feud" between the Kumasi Apagyahene and Asante Royal - His Excellency, President John Agyekum Kufuor and the Kumasi Adontenghene - Bamang Adonteng Puduo Family member and Asante Royal, "Osagyefo" Kwame Appiah Boateng, popularly known by Ghanaians around the World as "Kwame Mayor", whose biological or blood ancestors, fearlessly and gallantly led Asante wars against Colonialism and Imperialism, - in their capacity as War Generals and the legitimate or historical occupants of the Kumasi Adontenghene Chieftaincy Stool

Source: "MAYOR SPEAKS" and "Good Morning Ghana" (KwameMayor@Yahoo.Com)