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Alan’s breakaway will affect NPP in Ashanti, 2 other regions – UCC Lecturer

Kdj.png Jonathan Asante Otchere, Lecturer

Tue, 26 Sep 2023 Source:

A political science analyst and lecturer at the University of Cape Coast (UCC), Jonathan Asante Otchere has painted a gloomy picture for the governing New Patriotic Party (NPP) when former Trades and Industry minister, Alan John Kyerematen breaks away from the party.

Alan is expected to address a press conference this afternoon to announce his next political move after withdrawing from the governing New Patriotic Party’s (NPP) November 4, 2023, presidential primary.

It is not clear whether he will support any of the candidates or quit the NPP to form his party to contest the 2024 elections.

But speaking to Piesie Okrah on TV XYZ Midday news, Mr. Asante Otchere, a political analyst explained that the NPP’s electoral fortunes in the Ashanti, Ahafo and Eastern regions will dwindle since Alan’s personality is appealing to the grassroots of the party in those regions.

Asante Otchere indicated that the Ashanti Region will greatly support the former minister because he has been with the people since he launched his presidential ambition.

“Whichever decision Alan takes will greatly affect the NPP,” he said while pointing to the possibility of Alan’s breakaway from the NPP.

“When he breaks away, the support he will get will be from his home region, Ashanti Region, which happens to be the stronghold of the NPP. Some support will also come from the Eastern and some parts of the Ahafo area since he appeals to the base of the party in those areas,” Asante Otchere said in Akan.

The political scientist also contended that when Alan decides to throw his weight behind any of the flagbearer aspirants, that will also change the face of the contest on November 4, 2023.


Alan Kyerematen, in a statement on September 5, 2023, withdrew from the Presidential primary and cited heightening intimidation and violence against his followers before and during the party’s Special Delegates Conference.

Wondering how the NPP could be full of vindictiveness, Alan who placed third in the party’s August 26 conference stated, “The level of intimidation of varying intensity, directly and indirectly, unleashed on a significant number of Delegates at various Voting Centers across the sixteen regions, is unprecedented in the history of our Party.”

The former Minister referred to how his agent for North East Region was attacked which led to the damage of his eye, lamenting unfair treatment.

“In addition, the fact that my Polling Agent in the North East region has suffered severe damage to his eyesight, arising from his bold and courageous effort to ensure compliance with the very rules and regulations for the conduct of the elections as approved by the Presidential Elections Committee, will forever remain a dark spot in the history of internal elections within the Party.

“This incident and various acts of violence and collusion, reported in other Voting Centers, are appalling, unconscionable, and despicable. I am committed to and value the safety of those who work with me and for me, and I will always fight for their interest.”


Prior to making his public pronouncement on his political career today, Alan Kyerematen assured that he would announce his next move in Ghana politics in his withdrawal letter.

The former minister is said to be preparing to hand over his resignation letter to the party, according to information Graphic Online has sourced from close allies, with some indicating that the option of leaving the NPP was the highest on the table.

If Alan quits the NPP and form his own political party or contest as an independent candidate in 2024, or even join another political party, it will affect the political fortunes of the governing party, particularly the unity of the party.

The NPP, which has been at the helm of affairs in governance since January 7, 2017, is hoping to break the eight-year cycle of change of government which usually alternates between the governing party and the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

The speculations about Alan Kyerematen’s resignation and independent presidential ambition intensified over the weekend and got NPP members jittery after a poster announcing his planned press conference.

Alan Kyerematen will address the press at 2 PM today at the Movenpick Hotel.

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