Politics Thu, 12 Sep 2013

Baba Jamal goes wild – Address me as MP

The Member of Parliament (MP) for Akwatia, Baba Jamal caused a stir after he asked the MC at a programme to acknowledge his credentials as MP.

Several people, including MPs and MMDCEs who attended the Street Naming and Property Addressing (SNPA) orientation programme in Kumasi laughed after the minister made the hilarious statement.

The MC for the event, who called Baba Jamal to address the gathering, only mentioned his ministerial position without mentioning the parliamentary status.

Baba Jamal, who mounted the stage to address participants, stated that he worked hard to become MP. He, therefore, urged the MC to acknowledge all his credentials whenever he introduces him at a public function.

Baba Jamal, after making this hilarious comment, started laughing and the huge crowd could also not help but join him in spontaneous laughter, which lasted for some few minutes.

The day’s programme was geared towards ensuring harmonization, consistency and standardization in the address system across Ghana to expedite development.


Baba Jamal, touching on the topic for the day, said it is high time Ghanaians shun the use of ‘chop bars’ and kiosks to give directions to people.

In this modern era, it is important to introduce proper address systems throughout the country.

Proper address systems, he said, would ensure effective security for the citizenry, help deal with emergency cases and also help the assemblies to boost their revenue mobilization for developmental projects.

In this regard, Baba Jamal charged the various assemblies and for that matter the citizenry to play leading roles to help make government’s SNPA programme a success.

He said the SNPA programme had been piloted at some areas in the country and that the time had come for the programme to be extended to the various parts of the country.


Baba Jamal charged the assemblies to clear the alleys in their areas where kiosks and other objects had been erected in order not to impede movement of cars and people to help beautify the place.

The Kumasi programme was, among other things, intended to allow the participants to share ideas on the implementation of the policy framework for SNPA dubbed, ‘How To Do Manual.’

He issued a stern warning to public servants at the various assemblies in the country to take their work seriously to help improve their localities.

He ordered MMDCEs to ensure that staff at the various assemblies work to promote the assemblies and the SNPA programme, which he said was crucial for President Mahama.

Baba Jamal said nobody should allow his or her political affiliation or any other interest to influence the implementation of the programme.


The Ashanti Regional Minister, Eric Opoku, in his succinct remarks, expressed worry about the poor street naming system in the country, stating that the introduction of the SNPA was overdue.

Calling for proper street naming system notably in the urban areas, he said the move would help expedite the development of the country and promote quick response to emergency cases to help save lives and property during emergency.

Baba Jamal, after the programme, presented laptops and printers to the various assemblies to help execute the programme.

Source: Daily Guide