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Copy my ideas if you want, I’ll still be the one to implement them – Alabi

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One of the 13 flagbearer hopefuls in the opposition NDC’s upcoming primaries has thrown a subtle a jab at some of his contenders in the race for plagiarizing his ideas.

According to Prof. Alabi, people who are keen on plagiarizing his ideas are free to do so because those ideas are good for the party and indeed for Ghana as a whole, but he insists he will be the one to fully execute those ideas.

According to Prof. Alabi, a man who conceives a vision knows best how to implement that vision as compared to a fellow who merely copies it.

Though the learned Professor did not mention any particular person many believe his comments may be directed at former President John Dramani Mahama who has been accused by some party members of ‘stealing’ ideas of his competitors.

Speaking to NDC delegates at Aburi in the Eastern Region, Prof. Alabi said he’s yet to copyright any of his ideas and policies aimed at developing Ghana in the best possible way, as such, any member of the NDC can adopt them if they strongly believe in them.

He explained that his policies for the grassroots, which he termed as ‘solutions to 2020’, are his own ideas developed after research and series of engagements with the NDC grassroots.

To him, it is enough for all interested parties to know that the time has come to solve the concerns of the NDC grassroots through developing and implementing party policies and strategies.

“When anybody comes here to mention some of my policies, don’t say he has copied me. Allow him. We are all brothers. What you must do is to judge him,” Prof. Alabi said to the delegates.

He added, “Judge him based on the sincerity with which that person will speak. Judge him asking yourself if he has any compelling reason to deliver on the promises. Judge him by asking yourself if he ever will come back to you.”

“As the originator of the vision, I need to sit in the chair and drive my vision. Anybody sitting in the chair will not be able to do what I have told you today. I want to be in charge and drive my vision. That way you will be able to enjoy,” he indicated.

The Professor added that besides his sincerity, he is compelled to fulfil his promises because he would seek a second term in office and therefore will need the endorsements of the NDC delegates to renew his mandate.

“If I fail to deliver on my promises, can I come here to seek your blessings for my second term?” he asked.

In assuring the delegates that he would not depart from his party policies, Prof Alabi made a profound statement saying: “Let God be my witness today, I am sincere about my vision for the party and I will implement the policy solutions for you to give praises to God.”

Prof. Joshua Alabi, is highly recognized in academic circles for his role in the transformation of the then Institute of Professional Studies(IPS) to one of the most respected universities in the country today, the University for Professional Studies Accra (UPSA).

He is believed to be among the forerunners as the largest opposition party in the country readies itself to elect a flagbearer for the 2020 general elections.

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