Current structures of the NDC are weak – Kofi Adams

Sun, 24 Sep 2017 Source: peacefmonline.com

Without blaming the previous national executives for opposition National Democratic Congress’s (NDC’s) defeat in the 2016 election, the National Organizer Kofi Adams has categorically stated that the previous national executives of his party left weak structures for the current executives.

According to him, the NDC current national executives took over weak structures but they are putting measures in place to ensure that the next leadership work with solid structures.

Revealing the strategy to ensure solid structures in NDC, Kofi Adams on Okay FM’s Ade Akye Abia Morning Show opined that there is a need to focus on the structures of the branches of the party and make them solid with accurate membership record.

“We need to focus on our branches and put branch structures in place and help to make the branches very solid as the Regional and National Chairmen have indicated. Very soon, we will send membership books to the branch executives to work on the branches and it is due to the past mistakes that we are making changes in the membership of the party”, he revealed.

He maintained that the membership books will empower the branch executives to know those members who are paying their dues and that they have not just joined the party to only vote for certain executives and parliamentary candidates; as was done in the past.

“This will stop people who are not members from attaining membership cards of the party. I know it is not everybody who will be happy about this new move because it will disrupt some people’s activities, but it will help the party ultimately and so all of us must accept the changes we are making in the membership of the party”, he stressed.

He added that “the next leadership to take over NDC should be handed a party with all its structures working effectively and appropriately. Honestly, we took over weak structures in NDC but we must make sure that we hand over to the next leadership very solid structures”.

He asserted that at the end of the restructuring exercise, the membership of NDC will be known from the branches, the constituencies, the regional and to the national levels; thus, the work of the next national executives will be easier to attain power in 2020 election.

“When we talk of membership, then we know our members; our branch executives will know their members and the constituency executives will also know their branches as well as the Regional knowing the constituencies and the National executives knowing the Regional members and the work will be easier for all of us. We want proper data on NDC membership”, Kofi Adams revealed.

Source: peacefmonline.com
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