Defeated NDC MPs were lazy - George Lawson

Wed, 14 Dec 2016 Source: ultimatefmonline.com

A Deputy General Secretary of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) George Lawson, has described legislators from the party who lost in the just ended polls as lazy and failed to live up to their mark.

He said the defeated lawmakers are lazy, failed to work hard and as a result were rejected by constituents for their ill performance wondering why they will turn round to be blaming the economy for their woes.

In response to claims by Former Interior Minister Mark Owen Woyongo that heightened cost of living and failed promises triggered his defeat, he said “he did not work hard as an MP. In fact all those MPs who lost their seats did not perform well because they failed to work hard. I will therefore wish to advise them to keep their mouths shut and let us evaluate the way forward. If they had worked hard we would not have been where we are”

On the Ultimate Breakfast Show hosted by Lantam Papanko, he observed that the high numbers of independent candidates from the party also affected its electoral fortunes as these candidates divided votes of the party’s candidates paving way for the NPP to win in such areas.

He disclosed that the party will evaluate the cause of the electoral defeat in order to inform the supporters what really cost and chart a new path ahead of the 2020.

“A lot of lessons were drawn and we will regroup, restrategize, reorganize and bounce back come 2020. Let me take this opportunity to congratulate the President-elect Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo Addo.

The NDC have had a net loss of 52 Members of Parliament (MPs) from the last session while the NPP have seen a net gain of 46 MPs.

Source: ultimatefmonline.com
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