Don’t respond to NPP's violent attacks - Central Region NDC tells members

NPP NDC Supporters File photo.

Thu, 6 Oct 2016 Source: myradio360.com

Despite the open provocation and violence confrontation from the New Patriotic Party (NPP) hoodlums, the Central Regional branch of the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC), is imploring its members not to retaliate.

A statement issued by its Communications Officer, Kwesi Dawood, last Sunday narrated how their officers who were going about their normal duties, were pounced on by “NPP thugs in a pick-up and on motorbikes at Bethel Hill forcefully pulled [them] down from their vehicles and viciously assaulted them”.

Mr. Dawood said, while their activists refused to retaliate and rushed to the police station to lodge a complaint as any peace-loving citizen would do; the NPP thugs, allegedly chased the NDC activities to the Besease police and continue their dastardly act.

The statement said, one of its communication officers, Samuel Asare, was badly stabbed in the right eye in the process by a known NPP activist said to be the driver of the Chairman of the NPP’s Central Regional Finance Committee, J.N Okyere, who doubles as Managing Director (MD) of Comptran Engineering & Planning Associates.

Another NPP activist, the statement claimed, also used an offensive weapon to knock him down with blood oozed from his injured eye. Kwesi Dawood, alleged that the victim who he called as “Comrade Asare” passed out instantly.

Family and friends of Samuel Asare according to the statement, identified the perpetrator of the unprovoked attack as the driver of Mr. J.N Okyere, who is believed to have incited the NPP thugs to assault the NDC activists.

The accused is said to have rushed to his boss’ house for a machete to inflict further wounds on the victim.

“Mr J.N Okyere is believed to have incited the NPP thugs to assault the NDC activists and because he is the mastermind of this dastardly act, his driver got emboldened not only to stab Samuel Asare but also rushed to his residence for a machete to inflict more wounds on our activists. This unprovoked attack has led to an increase in tensions in the Constituency and anxiety among members of the NDC”, the statement said.

Despite the raw deal, the Central Regional NDC, is asking its members to remain calm, as the police is looking into the incident to ensure the perpetrators are brought to book.

The party said, the unprovoked attack on their members, has led to an increase in tensions in the Constituency and anxiety among members of the NDC, but urged them to remain calm and desist from retaliating.

“Despite this violent provocation, we urge all NDC members in the Constituency to exercise restraint and refrain from any acts that may undermine the peace even as the Regional leadership takes steps to restore normalcy.

We are aware that the NPP is poised for violent confrontation this electioneering season in keeping with the violent disposition of their

flagbearer, Nana Akufo Addo.

We are aware that his call to violence through his 'all die, be die' chants still provides inspiration for some misguided youth of his party to resort to violence at the slightest opportunity.

We in the NDC subscribe to peaceful political conduct and would not encourage or partake in any form of violence”, he said.

The NDC said it is focused on championing the propagation of the monumental developments of President John Dramani Mahama and so would leave the security agencies to ensure law and order in the region and elsewhere.

“The NDC has a job to execute and will not be distracted from our core mandate of ensuring a ONE TOUCH Victory for the President with a historic minimum of twenty (20) Parliamentary Seats; Our eyes are firmly fixed on the prize.

“We, the statement asserted “call on the Police and other Security Agencies to bring the perpetrators of this crime to book”.

Source: myradio360.com
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