Don’t take the nation’s peace for granted - Sheikh Kamil Mohammed

Fri, 7 Oct 2016 Source: GNA

Sheikh Mohammed Kamil Mohammed, a member of the National Peace Council, has urged the leadership of the political parties and their supporters to put the nation ahead of any other interest or consideration.

He said it was important for everybody to be mindful of the consequences of their actions and inactions as the struggle for political power intensified.

Making the call through the Ghana News Agency (GNA) in Kumasi, he warned that it would be grievous to take the nation’s peace for granted.

Sheikh Mohammed spoke of the need for all to show good faith, accept to play it fair and demonstrate political tolerance.

He said the nation should not be thrown into turmoil by the self-serving agenda of anybody, adding that, the society would never forgive such individuals or group.

He appealed to the people to abide by the political parties’ code of conduct and to use the appropriate conflict mediation channels to resolve all electoral grievances.

They should continue to remind themselves and take useful lessons from civil strife resulting from disputed elections in some African countries to avoid any pitfalls.

Sheikh Mohammed asked that the people worked together to ensure that “we come out of the election, stronger and more united”.

He called for Christians and Muslims to continue to pray for God’s gift of peace.

Source: GNA
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