Frustration is the cause of Odododiodio violence – CSO

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Mon, 26 Oct 2020 Source: happyghana.com

President and Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Auntie Is Merkezi Organization (AIMO), Gladys Biney, has cited the lack of opportunities for the Ghanaian youth as the cause of yesterday’s violence at the Odododiodio constituency.

Speaking to Samuel Eshun on the Happy Morning Show she said with disappointment, “The only thing that will drive the youth of the country to do this is frustration, hunger, and poverty all caused by unemployment."

According to her, if the youth were engaged in fruitful ventures, they would not have engaged in such acts of violence.

She furthered that the selfish interest of some political actors who took advantage of the vulnerability of the youth should also be blamed for incidence in the constituency.

“A hungry man is an angry man. Some of these political actors stand to gain and further their political agenda and get the youth involved in such violent acts. The youth also fall prey to these tactics because of the little they stand to gain”.

In previous years, the Odododiodio constituency has been noted and tagged as one of the hotspots for violence in the country before, during and after elections.

Source: happyghana.com
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