Politics Thu, 24 May 2012

GCPP congratulates Dr Lartey for Socrates Award

The entire National Executives and members of the Great Consolidated Popular Party has sent its congratulations to Dr Henry Herbert Lartey for the award of the Socrates International Award 2012 by the European Business Assembly.

Dr. Lartey, an economist and entrepreneur of international standing with offices in Bremen (Germany), Bristol (United Kingdom), Lagos (Nigeria) and Free Town (Sierra Leone) is the son of the late Dan Lartey, founder and leader of the GCPP.

Dr Henry Herbert Lartey was invited as an expert in 2002 and also as a panelist at UNCTAD IX in Brazil 2004.

Lartey Associates Limited, his own company, supported poor farmers to qualify for loans through the traditional banking system and the Lartey Associates model of micro-financing was successfully implemented in the Nsawam and Eastern Region, where farmers were given relief in their pawpaw and pineapples farming efforts.

The award given to Dr Lartey is not only a recognition of his creative genius in promoting his concept of micro-credit in farming but also testifies to the fact that genuine economic and social development has to grow from below if it is to be accessible to all.

“We categorically denounce the assertion by some political opportunists who tried to steal and sell the GCPP to the Progressive Peoples Party (PPP) with their fabricated claim that Dr Lartey stole money from the party in 2003. They lied to the Ghanaian public that the money was raised through a funding at La Palm Hotel. The truth is that there was no such fundraising in the first place.”

Dr Lartey got his honorary doctorate under the nomination of Dr. F.F. Williams, a Ugandan and a Pan-Africanist of Williams Institute, London in 2008. This was in honour and recognition of Henry Herbert Lartey’s achievement as one of the youngest Life Underwriters to qualify for membership of the elite Million Dollar Roundtable in 1983, which is reserved for the top one percent of life underwriters worldwide.

Dr Lartey achieved this while working as financial consultant within Britain’s most successful financial management company, Allied Hambro now Allied Dunba PLC.

Dr Lartey was also a manager for the Bristol branch of Royal Assurance Plc which was one of the largest insurance companies in the world in 1984.

Within Ghana, he used his company Lartey Associates to help eradicate poverty within rural environments by transforming impoverished farmers, bringing them together and forming thriving property owning farming communities.

He completed his undergraduate education at Bristol University of the West of England, and earned his MBA from the University of Bath.**

Source: GNA