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Asani Tano Cpp Acting General Secretary of the CPP, Asani Tano

Mon, 3 Apr 2017 Source: topfmonline.com

Eric Asani Tano, acting cum deputy General Secretary of the Convention People’s Party (CPP) has stated with emphasis that he is still at post as acting secretary of his party.

Mr Tano declared this in an interview with Top FM’s Morning show Ghana Te Sen that speculations that he returned party membership card and all materials that guaranteed his position are false.

“I am still the acting general secretary of The Convention People’s Party (CPP) I have my party ID card and all the materials that guarantee my position. The speculation indicating I returned my party membership card is not true”, he stated.

His interview was in reaction to reports that the CPP has revoked his membership based on the advice by the central committee for declaring that he did not vote for the party.

The Party last year suspended its National Youth Organizer and General Secretary, and made Asani Tano Acting General Secretary.

Mr Asani Tano further explained that, he was sacked during a meeting by the party’s chairman Prof Edmund Delle. The police got involve when he refused to pay heed to the chairman’s order until a senior officer invited him, spoke to him and upon explanation asked that he joined the ongoing meeting again.

“During a party meeting the chairman asked me to walk out and I refused to take his instructions so they invited the police men to drag me out of the meeting. I struggled with them till their boss entered and quietly invited me downstairs there we had a conversation and upon hearing my side of the story he ordered I joined the ongoing meeting”.

He accused that party chairman of having the intension of getting him out of the executive body of the party because he (Asani Tano) was bold to tell him that he is not fit for the chairmanship position of CPP as he (Prof Delle) is presiding over corruption in the party.

“The reason why professor Dele wants me out is because I said he is not fit to be the chairman of the party, he has led a massive corruption in the party, and the findings that came to the party is nowhere to be found”.

Professor Dele, Kabila and co have destroyed the party, that’s what is going on in the CPP right now, they are disgrace to the party he added.

According to him, he made it clear to the party he never voted for them and would say it over and over again because considering the fact that the party campaigned and made lot of money which didn’t relict in the party’s account there is no way he would have voted for Ivor Green Street to preside over the country’s finances especially when they failed at just the party level.

He indicated that, Kwabena Bomfe is a disgrace to the party and no one should take whatever he says serious.

“Just imagine a so called party executive who appears before a party meeting drunk, how can he make a sensible contribution or give accurate information concerning that particular meeting”, he quizzed.

He ended his statement by saying that, what the party executives are doing to him now with the motive of tarnishing his image is rather enhancing and projecting his political career.

Source: topfmonline.com
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