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Kumawu by-elections: Kwaku Duah details how money was shared to chiefs, pastors, headmasters, others

Mr Kwaku Duah Kumawu.png Kwaku Duah, has alleged that NPP executives paid electorates in the election

Sun, 11 Jun 2023 Source:

Kwaku Duah, the independent candidate in the recently held Kumawu by-election, has come forward with details about the distribution of money among various individuals, including chiefs, pastors, headmasters, and others, during the recent electoral process in the constituency.

According to him, the alleged vote-buying scheme was orchestrated by the New Patriotic Party (NPP) leadership.

Speaking on a panel discussion on United TV’s Critical Issues on June 10, 2023, Kwaku Duah expressed his disappointment, stating that the actions taken were detrimental to democracy and undermined the principles of free and fair elections.

He emphasized that those present during the election were aware that what occurred was far from ideal and did not promote democratic values.

Providing specific insights into the distribution of funds, Duah explained, “So, what happened wasn’t good and it never helped democracy, and everybody who was there and saw what happened knows that what happened wasn’t the best. All those that they called two to three days before the elections, including queen mothers, chiefs, teachers, headmasters, hairdressers, tailors, and pastors, received varying amounts of money."

According to his account, teachers across the constituency were given GH¢200 (Ghanaian Cedis), while headmasters received GH¢500. Other professions, such as tailors, and pastors, were also reportedly beneficiaries of the funds.

“All teachers in the constituency had GH¢200 and if you are headmaster GH¢500,” he added.

Duah's claims were made with confidence as he stated, “I am saying on records you can go there and go and ask, yes, they gave it to them, hairdressers, everybody had GH¢500, tailors and pastors also had some. The question is why? NPP people shared the money and I am saying on it record, yes, I am saying it on record and I will get people who will come and testify that they got some.”

He further highlighted that even his own personal assistant, who is a teacher, was approached with an offer but initially declined to participate, however, upon Duah's advice, the assistant decided to witness the events and subsequently confirmed the distribution of money to teachers.

“My own PA is a teacher, they called him and he said he won’t go but I advised him to go and witness what was happening and bring back the report. And he came to tell me that it is very true that they shared money for them.

“The chiefs, the queen mothers, and all of them. What happened in Kumawu, if that is how our democracy has taken us then it is very appalling, it is not good because we don’t have free and fair elections anymore.”

It may be recalled that the National Organizer of the New Patriotic Party (NPP), Henry Nana Boakye, popularly known as Nana B, denied allegations that individuals seen in viral videos were distributing items such as rice, cloth, and other goods to influence voters in the Kumawu by-election, claiming it was political propaganda orchestrated by the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC).

However, Ernest Yaw Anim, the newly elected Member of Parliament for the Sekyere Kumawu Constituency in the Ashanti region, contradicted Nana B's claims and acknowledged that NPP members in Kumawu did indeed share rice, cloth, and other items to voters.

Speaking on Oyerepa TV, Yaw Anim addressed accusations that he won the Kumawu by-election through dubious means.

He revealed that the individuals seen in the viral videos were active NPP members based in Kumawu who decided to conduct the donation as a Mother's Day gift on his behalf. According to him, they acted out of love for him and the party.

“I saw the viral video and investigated the people behind the video, and I noticed the people were NPP members who teach in Kumawu. They did that because of the love they have for me and the party. So, on Mother’s Day, they decided to do the donation on my behalf. So, it was a Mother’s Day gift. What is wrong with that? Today when people buy cars for their mothers, they film it and share it on social media. This one was not meant for social media. It is unfortunate that some evil-minded people leaked the video just to accuse me of vote buying,” he explained.

Ernest Yaw Anim, the NPP parliamentary candidate for the just-ended by-election in Kumawu, emerged as the winner. He received 15,264 votes, representing 70.91% of the valid votes. Kwasi Amankwaa, who ran on the ticket of the NDC, received 3,723 votes, representing 17.29%.

Kwaku Duah, an independent candidate, secured 2,478 votes, representing 11.51%, while the other independent candidate Kwaku Dua II secured 62 votes representing 0.29%

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