Kwaku Azar 'exposes' MPs on provision of security personnel

Mon, 26 Oct 2020 Source: My News GH

Legal luminary and Accounting Professor, Stephen Kwaku Asare, known widely as Kwaku Azar, has expressed shock at claims by Members of Parliament(MPs) that the state does not provide them with security.

According to him, the state pays for each Member of Parliament(MP) to hire his or her personal security so there is no need for the state to give them security from the inadequate police personnel.

He made this known through a post exposing Members of Parliament for their selfishness and dislike for the people they claim to serve.

Kwaku Azar in a post sighted by MyNewsGh.com said “Your basic salary is at least ¢20,000 monthly. You get rent allowance equal to 20% of your consolidated salary. For every year that you work, you are given ex gratia equal to 4 months of that year’s salary. At the start of a term, you get an installation grant. On retirement, you get a resettlement grant. When you travel you get business class. You stay in 4-star hotels. All fully paid. Every quarter you get an incentive bonus of 25% of your consolidated monthly salary. You and your family get free medical and dental services. You can buy a car up to $70,000. The state pays half of the cost. If you get a loan to pay for the remainder the state pays the interest. You get 10% of your basic salary to hire your personal security. Why will you lie to the people, most of whom are unemployed, homeless, are under constant attack by armed robbers, and can only dream of your compensation package that the State does not provide you with security and so some of the already inadequate police resources available to the whole country should be diverted to your personal protection. Odasani, why, aden, maba, me yasa, pourquoi, warum? Da Yie!”.

The calls for Security for Members of Parliament resurfaced after the death of the Mfantseman Constituency Member of Parliament.

Government in responding to the calls released 200 Policemen for the Members of Parliament and is working towards providing 800 in order for them to have police guards for morning and night shifts.

Source: My News GH
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