Macho Men Invade Radio Station In Search Of Egbert Faibille

Egbert Faibille Jnr

Sun, 25 Nov 2012 Source: Philip Kofi Ashon

Over 15 muscled individuals invaded the offices of Adabraka based radio station Citi FM on Saturday, in attempt to "deal with" lawyer Egbert Faibille for comments he made against PNC flagbearer, Hassan Ayariga.

The men, who claim to be seeking answers from the lawyer, arrived on various modes of transport including motorbikes and in buses.

Several of them, in their attempt to secure entry into the station, threatened the lives of several members of staff who attempted to speak to them.

Citi News Editor, Richard Mensah, was forced to call for Police protection from the Adabraka Police station.

Mr. Faibille was kept hostage in the offices of Citi FM for several hours following the arrival of the muscled men.

It was an unusual scene on Citi FM's weekend news analysis programme, The Big Issue when representatives of two of the nation's political parties vying for the general elections, were instructed to leave by the leadership of their parties. Aide to People's National Convention flagbearer, Akani Adam and member of National Democratic Congress Communication Team, Benjamin Akyena Brentuo walked out following comments by Egbert Faibille describing the presidential candidate of the PNC Hassan Ayariga as a side kick of the NDC.

Mr. Ayariga, who called into the show said, “i want to make it clear to the NPP man in there that the fact that Ayariga is a politician who believes in tolerance he can insult me any how; I want him to retract that statement immediately, he should react that statement about how he described me right now and apologise,’’ Mr. Hassan Ayariga pointed out.

Mr. Egbert Faibille retorted saying, "i will not retract. I cannot do anything about it and i will not do anything about it. I have an opinion and i have expressed my opinion."

The PNC flagbearer, who has been criticized on several media platforms and also by members of his own party then said, "I think that there is unfair play in the studio there, if other people are asked to apologise and retract statements because of some particular Presidential candidate.

I believe that the gentleman there must retract the statement, if he doesn’t, I will not say much again. But this Ghana. Tell him [Egbert] that Ghana is not for NPP and if it's violence, everybody can be violent. It is not everyone who can be patient but everyone can be violent, so I demand that he retract that statement immediately. It is not Citi FM that made the statement; he [Egbert] made that statement and if you allow him in the studio I will advice my aide to leave the studio immediately.”

Source: Philip Kofi Ashon
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