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Mahama makes peace with two ‘aggrieved' NDC elders

Former President John Mahama has held a separate meetings with two aggrieved Members of the National Democratic Congress in the North, urging them to embrace unity.

Mr Mahama on Wednesday met Aljahi Alhassanbila and Kasulyili Na, Naa Abdulai Yakubu separately in a co meeting at their respective residence.

According to former Agriculture Minister, Alhaji Limuna Mohammed, who was part of the delegation, the close door meetings between the former President and aggrieved NDC leaders has been fruitful.

Speaking to the media, he said the Kasulyili na appeared satisfied after the meeting and expressed gratitude to Mr. Mahama for taking a bold step to resolve issues between them.

"Party elders need to have a good reason to reconcile members but when an elder needs reconciliation himself, how then would he reconcile the party,” he quizzed.

"That is Mr Mahama in his capacity as as former president and leader of the party in the 2016 elections decided to resolve the issues between the aggrieved elders so they can effectively take up their responsibilities of reconciling the party members."

"We need to unite going into the 2020 elections,"he added.

It is not known what could have been the bone of contention but reports indicates there has been issues and after the 2016 elections, which remained unresolved.

The former president and other stalwarts of the NDC have been embarking on a unity walk aimed at fostering unity among the rank and file of the party as part of reorganising party.

Mahama also visited four registration centers in the three constituencies in the Tamale Metropolis and Sagnarigu District in the ongoing membership re-registration exercise of the NDC.

He encouraged supporters and members of the party to “register and be known as a bonafied party member. Pay your GHC1 as your commitment to the party”.

At the Tamale North Constituency, the supporters went agog and chanted, “come back Mahama”.

The former President is said to be hankering a come back to contest the flagbearership of the NDC but he is yet to make public his intention to lead the party ahead of the 2020 elections.

Source: ghanaguardian.com
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