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Mills-Mahama Administration Has Been A Disaster -NPP

“The Mills-Mahama Administration Has Been A Disaster For Ghana” Says Npp Activist.

A leading member of the New Patriotic Party in Germany, Mr Kwaku Anane-Gyinde has stated that the Mills-Mahama administration has been a disaster for Ghana describing it as the worst government ever to rule the country since independence. The government therefore must be shown the exit in 2012 to stop the country from further retrogression.

In an interview with Sankofa Fm, a Stuttgart-based radio station, Mr Anane-Gyinde said failure by the Mills-Mahama administration to implement the right policies has created a situation of abject poverty and frustration among the populace.”The economic situation has become so difficult and desperate that the ordinary Ghanaian cannot afford two decent meals a day” he added.

According to Mr Anane-Gyinde who spent the last three months in Ghana, the incompetence of the NDC government coupled with the inability to alleviate the harsh economic conditions has created a large army of angry and unemployed youth who have become disillusioned and apprehensive. The situation, he insists could have serious implications for the peace and stability of the country if not properly managed and contained.

The former NUGS activist castigated the government for not only betraying the trust of Ghanaians but they have also abused their mandate as a government saying that while ordinary Ghanaians cannot make ends meet, Government and NDC party officials are busy amassing illegal wealth, building mansions and buying properties abroad. All these, he pointed out are happening under the watch of a President who promised to fight corruption adding that such blatant abuse of power is unacceptable and should under no circumstance be tolerated and described the Mills led government as “a den of robbers and Gommorah of iniquity”

Asked to comment on the proposed Biometric Registration exercise, Mr Anane-Gyinde explained that the NPP welcomes the idea in principle but there need to be a means of verification without which it would just be an exercise in futility. He stressed that the electoral commission has a duty to ensure that the electoral process is open, fair, transparent and above all credible and the only way to achieve this is make sure a verification mechanism is made an integral part of the process.

He reminded Ghanaians that the 2012 elections provide an opportunity for the people to extricate the country from the present mess saying that what Ghana needs at this crucial time in her history is decisive leadership with vision and a sense of direction which unfortunately is lacking in Ghana today.

He urged Ghanaians to vote the NPP and Nana Akuffo-Addo into power to enable them continue the good works started under President Kuffour and declared ”For the eight years that we were in government, we demonstrated our capability in governance and if given the mandate the NPP under Nana Akuffo-Addo will once again proof to Ghanaians that we are the only party with the right policies to move our country forward”.


NPP Communications Team


Source: NPP Communications Team Germany.