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NDC@25: Rawlings reconciles with party

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The biggest opposition National Democratic Congress has for the first time in many years demonstrated its sense of camaraderie at its 25th anniversary rally at Ashaiman Mandale Park last Saturday, with the founder of the party, Jerry John Rawlings, reconciling with kingpins of the party he has over the years dreaded “dining” with.

Surprisingly, the last time Mr Rawlings was seen in public in such high spirited and unity-driven with heavyweights of the biggest opposition party was in 2008 at the same Ashaiman Mandela Park at the party's last rally that fetched them victory.

Whereas many thought the former military strongman will use the occasion to launch another scathing attack on the leadership of the NDC, he disappointed hundreds by rather, ceasing the opportunity to call on the rank and file of the party to unite in order to recapture power in 2020.

Mr Rawlings, who appeared well composed and spirited for the occasion, eased tension at the place with his fatherly advice and admonishment to the amazement of his party folks. The founder used the occasion to call for renewed spirit of probity and accountability.

He stressed the need to recapture the spirit that stifled corruption and placed corrupt officials under constant check.

The founder called on party supporters and the executives to approach the party's unity building agenda with sincerity and truthfulness to ensure genuine reconciliation and unity.

On the reasons why the party lost the 2016 election, implicitly in agreement with Former President Mahama's assertion that the reasons are multifaceted, he said the electoral college constituted by the party and the failure to monitor the process effectively led to malfeasance and manipulation of the process which usurped the power of the genuine supporters of the party which automatically, denied the party the opportunity of going into the election with some genuine supporters on its side.

He also mentioned stifling of the party's core values as another reason why the party lost the election.

According to the founder, its important members do everything possible to recapture the spirit of probity and accountability before it becomes too late. Mr Rawlings reiterated his advice to party folks to be watchful of the NPP and their tricks.

The founder gave same advice to party folks at Cape Coast prior to the 2016 election. He ignited the spirit of party folks gathered when he told them that the NDC has what it takes to turn Ghana into a one party state by winning every election held in Ghana.

He said, the NPP will remain underdogs forever if only the party will go back to its core values and strictly adhere to them.

The former President used the occasion to advise Ghanaians to take the issue about family planning serious to curb avoidable problems some families go through in the country. He told the supporters that he is hopeful the party will take back power very soon.

Former President John Mahama who spoke earier, repeated his call on party supporters and sympathizers to relegate the issue about who leads the NDC in 2020 to the background and concentrate on building the party to make it a winnable machine.

He used his lame horse-jockey analogy to explain his point and to clear the distortions, misinterpretations and twists put on that clarion call (analogy).

Mr Mahama advised party folks to concentrate on strengthening of the party's pillars to make the 2020 election easier for whoever will emerge the party's candidate."

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