NDC Spent More in Three and Half Years than NPP in Eight Years - Konadu

Konadu Rawlings Discussion

Mon, 26 Nov 2012 Source: Ralph Gyamfi

Nana Konadu Agyemang Rawlings former first lady of the Republic of Ghana and the Flag Bearer of the National Democratic party in a radio interview with Awudu Alhassan on Pink Fm disclosed that the National Democratic congress (N.D.C) has spent more in three and half years than what the N.P.P spent in 8 year.

She said "the reason for forming N.D.C was to involve the grass root participation in nation building and also to work with Probity, social Justice, accountability, Truth and honesty but these values are not being used by the N.D.C as I speak.

We want change for the Country hence forming the National Democratic party with it's main core value working with the Grass root since human is the most important resource we have , Our Vision as a party is to involve the people in the Development of the nation and also to create wealth for everybody not just a few .

We also seek to provide practical solutions to the development of the country and change health service to make it more Efficient and accessible.

Speaking on Corruption she said “we voted for NDC for a change not to embezzle the tax payer's money. Corruption is something the N.D.P wants to stop through the use of probity and accountability”.

According to the former first lady, every youth's aspiration is to be a politician with the reasons being the easier avenue to make wealth; but should that be the case?

She further went ahead to tell Ghanaians how eighteen years in government could not make them rich but For some , few years in power has made them super rich and this is absurd .

The N.P.D we seek to empower the youth, women and the entire nation .which warranted the creation of the party's slogan “Our Nation Our Future”.

Finally She elaborated on their empowerment program which covered a wider scope of politics, social, economic, environmental and cultural which are all embedded in the Party's Manifesto.

Source: Ralph Gyamfi
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