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NDC polls: Delegates urged to elect Ofosu Ampofo as National Chairman

A strong NDC youth activist who is also a scientific researcher from the Ketu South Constituency in the Volta Region has thrown more weight behind the National Chairman aspirant, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo.

He is appealing to all NDC delegates across the 275 constituencies in Ghana to massively vote for Samuel Ofosu Ampofo during the National Delegates' Congress scheduled on Saturday, November 17 2018 at National Trade Fair Centre, Accra.

According to Mr. Dan K Jerry's scientific research, among all five national chairman aspirants, Samuel Ofosu Ampofo stands tall among them because he can do the job better in order to bring the NDC party back to power in 2020.

He also said, looking at Samuel Ofosu Ampofo's first national experience as National Organizer, he has the zeal to manage the affairs of the party nationwide when given the mandate as National Chairman.

Also, he believes that Samuel Ofosu Ampofo when given chance as the National Chairman, will put all his past experiences together that would put the party on the right path towards victory 2020.

He also emphasised that the best spot for Samuel Ofosu Ampofo at the national level at this moment is the national chairmanship position simply because his past experiences have exposed him to manage the grassroots base effectively.

He further said Ofosu Ampofo has a great vision for the party, for which he established two radio stations to build the communication aspects of the party by making it more efficient and effective.

He said those who have the party at heart deserve to be at the national front of the party in order to implement more visions that would help the grassroots base.

Dan K. Jerry who came out with scientific research ahead of 2016 general election with the caption "The fall of NDC ahead of 2016 general election", has cautioned delegates to give the mandate to Ofosu Ampofo as new NDC National Chairman because he believes he can do better than the rest of his contenders.

Dan K. Jerry has tipped the following aspirants to be elected as new NDC National Executives for easy 2020 victory.


1. National Chairman

Hon Samuel Ofosu Ampofo


1. He is very accessible, approachable and strategic

2. He was former Local government Minister

3. He is very good in local government governance to handle masses of the public

4. He had experiences as former National Vice Chairman.

5. He can build on former experiences to handle party members and public effectively

6. The party needs someone to attract voters from the Region of the current NPP President and He is from that Region.

2. National 1st, 2nd and 3rd Vice Chairman/person

Hon Alhaji Sinare.


1. He was immediate former diplomatic and has experience to coordinate diasporas

2. He understands the relevant and needs of logistics to grassroot members.

Hon Sherry Ayittey


1. She was the longest former minister and she has old experience to bring all old party Cadres on board.

Hon Awudu S Asorka


1. He is very bold and radical

2. His boldness attract a lot of party grassroots members

3. He is having experience and understand the work at the grassroots base.

3.General Secretary

Hon Johnson Asiedu Nketia.


1. Very good in packaging and presenting messages to general public

2. His presentation of messages never contradict the laws of this country

3. His presentation of messages attract first time voters and general public.

4. 1st Deputy General Secretary

Hon Peter Boamah Otokonor.


1. Very good in administrative strategies

2. He is the current administrator of GISD (NDC Party School)

3. He is very accessible.

2nd Deputy General Secretary

Hon Barabara Serwaa Asamoah


1. She was immediate former Minister and very strategic

2. He has experience of handling masses of public

3. She has communication skills and strategies

5. National Organizer

Hon Baba Jamal Ahmed


1. He was former MP and minister

2. He has experience on how to manage Party Grassroot Members

3. He is very strategic and also organizational skills.

4. He is very cordial and accessible.

or rather go for

Hon Joshua Akamba Hamid


1. He was former National Deputy Organizer and he has organizational skills

2. He has experience as former National Deputy Organizer

3. He can build on his former experiences to do better

4. He is very accessible and understands grassroots work

5. He is very humble and has cordial relationship with former President JM.

6. Deputy National Organizer

Hon Kobby Barlon


1. He is very youthful, energetic, charismatic and attractive to youth

2. He has organization skills

Hon Chief H. N. Biney


1. He is very charismatic

2. He has organizational skills

7.Communication Officer

Sammy Gyamfi


1. He is very vocal and team player

2. He has communication skills

3. He is very youthful, energetic and attractive to masses.

4. He always voluntarily defend the party

5. He is accessible and approachable.

Source: Daniel Kaku
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