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NDC's infighting good for healing process - Irbard Ibrahim

Recent outbursts by leading members of the National Democratic Congress (NDC) may have put Ghana's main opposition party in disarray but it could be a blessing in disguise, political analyst Irbard Ibrahim has stated.

According to him: “The early indication of cracks is good and will afford the NDC enough time to do the necessary reforms before the next election,” he told Class FM on Saturday, March 25.

Since the defeat of the party at the 2016 general elections, several members of the NDC have been accusing each other of being the cause of the party’s fall.

The National Organiser of the NDC, Kofi Adams, who was coordinator for the 2016 campaign, has been accused of hoarding cash and other logistics meant for campaigning at the grassroots.

He has denied this allegation and described the decision of some leading lights of the NDC to openly criticise the actions of the party and some persons within its ranks as a reflection of their inexperience and immaturity.


Victor Smith, the NDC’s parliamentary candidate for Abuakwa North in the 2016 polls, has also been accused of squandering monies meant for campaign activities in the constituency ahead of the 2016 elections by Alhaji Dan Baba, a leading member of the NDC in that constituency.

Others have put the blame on former President John Mahama, who was flag bearer of the party in the last elections.

Further, Kpone Katamanso MP Nii Laryea Afotey Agbo has said members of the erstwhile Mahama government did not treasure the political power they had, hence their failure to work hard enough to win the 2016 elections.

But, in Mr Ibrahim’s view: “Throughout the history of the world, no leader or commander has led their people into battle and lost without people questioning his competence and why he lost.

“It is, therefore, natural that the old guard of the NDC would now be speaking their mind.”


He cautioned that attempts by the Prof Kwesi Botchwey-led committee to “gag people from letting out what is in their chests would only leave lingering disenchantment that could cost the NDC the 2020 election”.

He added that the current situation of the NDC is to the advantage of the party in power.

“It provides the ruling NPP an opportunity to infiltrate the opposition to fan the flames of discord just as it faced serious leadership divisions in its time in opposition,” he stressed.

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