Politics Thu, 9 Apr 2015

‘NDC used my dad and dumped him’

Mr. Francis Odeshie Ankrah, son of a former Odotobiri Constituency chairman of the NDC, Mr. Frank Odeshie Ankrah, has accused the NDC of using his father and dumping him.

In what he describes as “monkey dey work, baboon dey chop” scenario, the embittered NDC activist has bemoaned how the ruling National Democratic Congress (NDC) has treated his dad after working for the party in the initial days of its formation.

According to Francis Odeshie Ankrah, Jnr., his father, a hard core cadre and Co-ordinator during the PNDC era, introduced the NDC to the district yet the party has ignored him ever since it assumed political power in 1992 and has frowned on the injustice meted out to his father.

Francis said his dad had had to convince the whole family to join the umbrella family only for Akatamanso party to betray him miserably.


In an interview with The Chronicle, he stated that his father deserves commendation for serving the party over the last 16 years and not neglected.

He said, it was during the tenure of his father as constituency chairman that the NDC obtained the highest votes of 160,000 votes yet he has been ignored by the National Executive Committee (NEC) and party officials in the Ashanti.

Francis has threatened to work towards withdrawing their support from the party if the party continues to disregard his father and contributions towards the building of the party in the area.

Source: The Chronicle