NPP 2016 manifesto replete with NDC’s ideas – Amissah-Arthur

Thu, 27 Oct 2016 Source: 3 News

Vice President, Paa Kwesi Amissah-Arthur says the New Patriotic Party 2016 manifesto is full of ideas from the National Democratic Congress, which is a social democrat.

He was addressing students of Economics of the University of Cape Coast on Tuesday on the theme: “The Economy; strengthening Teaching and Research of economics for nation building”.

“In the manifesto that the NPP has put out, I find it surprising because they have a long history of political activism, the Dankwa Busia tradition. But now, they are borrowing ideas from a social democratic party [NDC].

“In that manifesto, implicitly, they have accepted everything we have done till now with the exception that we have not been able to restore macro-economic stability.”

Paa Kwesi Amissah Arthur maintained that though it is clear that the New Patriotic Party has adopted the NDC’s vision, the NPP is denying these facts. He also made fun of the NPP’s ‘One constituency, 1 million Cedis’ policy, claiming the policy will make the district assemblies redundant.

“The district assemblies that are supposed to generate economic activity, we are withdrawing them. How are you [NPP] going to determine what they use the money for? So, obviously, the NDC candidate for Ketu South will also get one million and whether you will be able to compel him to use it the way the government wants …; that’s if per chance they [NPP] become government.”

Source: 3 News
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