Politics Tue, 17 Nov 2015

NPP’s Edmund Kyei replies Mahama

Edmund Kyei NPP Communication Director for Asokwa, Edmund Kyei is very saddened, bewildered and perplexed with the way and manner President John Mahama addressed NDC members and Ghanaians on who to judge his competence level at the Trade Fair Center in La, Accra at a mini rally.

The President's comment is one of the most irresponsible to have come from a leader at such a higher office of a nation like Ghana. The demeanour in which President Mahama positioned himself is not in good taste and Ghanaians are highly disappointed in him.

As the leader of this country and a self-acclaimed communication expert, we least expected this from him.

It is very sad that the President had forgotten that during the 2012 electioneering campaign, he promised Ghanaians of a first class governance and has failed us. Seamstresses, tailors, traders, masons and farmers from the length and breadth of our country came out of the comfort of their rooms and voted for him but not former presidents alone.

The question most Ghanaians are asking is; was Mahama a president in 2007 when he criticized President Kuffour's of his achievements to the PNDC/NDC 19 years in power as an act of mediocrity? Are former Presidents Kuffour and Rawlings the only people who pay taxes in Ghana?


He expected President Mahama to know better than those cheap comments. The president could have used that given opportunity to address the hollow, shabby and hopeless budget presented to the good people of Ghana by his Finance Minister, he instead chose the opposite way.

The lazy nature of the 2016 budget shows that, indeed, President Mahama has lost touch with the ordinary Ghanaian. Well meaning Ghanaians were expecting the 2016 budget to address the issues of the unending power crises, massive youth unemployment, the revival of the Tema Oil Refinery(TOR) to start commercial oil refinery to beat down the cost of importation of petroleum products among others.

After four years of erratic power supply, all President Mahama could say is 'only former Presidents can chastise him'.

My question is; is it only former Presidents that have suffered from this erratic power supply and economic hardships? We expect the President to know better.

Source: Edmund Kyei