NPP's teachers allowance restoration pledge not sustainable - Dabi-Dankwa

NPP Flag Clean NPP Flag. File photo.

Sat, 12 Nov 2016 Source: GNA

Mr Seth N. O. Dabi-Dankwa, a former Director of Education, has said the pledge made by the New Patriotic Party's (NPP) to restore the allowances of teachers is a ploy to get votes as the policy was unsustainable.

He said a careful assessment of such an allowance policy, under our current economic climate, suggests that the educational sector could be gravely affected should the allowance be restored.

Speaking in an interview with the Ghana News Agency, Mr Dabi-Dankwa said restoring the allowance could lead to the reduction of the number of teachers employed in schools and thereby reduce the quality of education that the country is striving to attain.

He said the removal of teachers allowance has enabled government to employ more teachers and this is more beneficial than paying allowances that would place more pressure on government expenditure and thereby lead to the employment of less teachers in the education sector.

The former director of education said the NPP's flag bearer's promise of restoring the teaching allowance shows his lack of understanding of the dynamics in the education sector.

Mr Dabi-Dankwa said it is important for politicians to make realistic pledges that would enhance the progress of our country.

Source: GNA
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