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Politics is not a money-making avenue - John Dumelo

John Dumelo   Rice Farming John Dumelo

Thu, 14 May 2020 Source:

Philanthropist and businessman, John Dumelo, has asserted that politics to him, is not an avenue for making money.

During his exclusive interview on YFM’s Y-Leaderboard Series with host, Rev. Erskine, he stated that he will not say his acting job was the best earner but it was giving him enough to be able to live a good life and go on vacations to Santorini or wherever he wanted.

This is to say that he did not enter politics just for financial gains. Dumelo said, “Making money isn’t the reason for getting into politics. The demands are even higher than what you’d make as an MP. It’s not an avenue to make money it’s an avenue to serve the people”.

According to him, it has not exactly been a long time dream to become a politician but his desire to help people is what has driven him to delve into the political field.

Closing the interview, John acknowledged, “It’s a great time to be in Ayawaso West and I know that Ayawaso West has a lot of people living there. I just want to say that great things are coming to Ayawaso West.

Already, great things are seen on the ground. I’m doing projects on the ground and I just hope that those who believe in me or trust in me and would want to help push that agenda should reach out so that we can make Ayawaso West the greatest constituency in this country”.

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