Politics Sat, 10 Jan 2009

To the president and the citizens of Ghana

I would like to congratulate the president of Ghana on behalf of Ghanaians at home and Diaspora. There were many of us who were sceptical of Ghana’s democracy due to the tension that generated during the presidential election of 2008. The out coming of the election will always be part of our history. The people of Ghana spoke at last, and at the end of the day Ghanaians stood up as a nation and elected a chosen leader for a better Ghana. The 2008 election was a proof to the world and to the people of Ghana how peaceful and how far we have come as a nation. Despite the tense of the election, we all experienced that democracy has a concrete meaning for each and every Ghanaian, our interpretation of peace, the love we have for Ghana.

Mr President, congratulations once again on achieving this position. As a citizen of Ghana, I believe that Ghana has chosen the right person to lead the country. With your experience and background, I have no doubt that we will be moving towards change and develop a better Ghana for tomorrow. Many leaders have come and gone and all have done their part. The right time has come for you to accomplish your goals for Ghana after so many years. I believe you are a survivor and will lead Ghana to a better future for our children and grand children to come. Being a leader in general and for a population of over 20million is a huge task. With such position, one needs to be very attentive, determined, patient, courageous and a lot more. Citizens of Ghana need to be patient as well and supportive in terms of developing Ghana. Thus Mr. President, it is your duty to help the people of Ghana understand the journey we are about to partake. This journey of development will take time. Many of us might be fed up along the way, however it will be your encouragement that will lift up our spirit to success.

My Excellency Atta Mills, during the 2008 election, the people of Ghana made the world aware that we have one Ghana and did not distinguish between themselves even when many of us thought something similar could occur. A lot needs to be done in Ghana. Our former president, John Kuffuor did his part before ending his serving time and I respectably congratulate and thank him for all his effort and everything he achieved for Ghana. On behalf of the people of Ghana, I believe that you will also continue the good deeds for the nation. We elected you to help us developed Ghana to a better country, and as you mentioned earlier on in one of your speeches, we have elected a president for one Ghana rather than electing a party. We did not elect NDC or NPP but rather a good leader for the country. We have chosen you due to the fact that we know what you are capable of achieving and also the love that you have for Ghana. Doctor Mills, our president, Ghana as a nation is looking forward to what you have planned for us and hope you concentrate on each and every corner instead of a particular area. We know we have chosen the right leadership for this country, with hard work and in good time, you and the citizens of Ghana will raise this lovely country into its right position.

Beloved citizens of Ghana, we have proved to the world how much we love our country, we have made it aware to everybody that we only have one Ghana and we are all one people regardless of our ethnicity, background, status, parties and so forth. Our differences did not stagnate our democracy and the peace we believe in. At long last we have followed our heart and should therefore keep in mind that we should move forward together. I believe we are still going to continue giving Mr President our support as we have done with the others that have gone. We should continue giving him the patience he needs to develop the country to its best exactly in the same procedure as we did during the election. We should also understand the situation in Ghana and be aware that changes will gradually take place in time. Greediness and selfishness should not have existence in our vocabulary or a practice in our daily lives


Although we have elected our president, it does not make us the tail of the country but rather the head as well. Destructing a property with the thoughts that it belongs to the government of Ghana will destroy Ghana as a nation. We should not distinguish what belongs to us as a nation to the one of the government, for we are the government and have the power to make the country a better place to live in. Our progress depends on each and every one of us, we should all unite and serve the country as one. Let us work hard together, support our leadership and help raise our country up like our banner.

May the lord bless the people of Ghana and the nation.!

Congratulations professor.

Source: Mabel