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Tribal politics, backstabbing weakening NDC in A/R – Asiedu Nketia

Asiedu Nketia2 Asiedu Nketia,General Secretary of NDC

Mon, 3 Sep 2018 Source:

General Secretary of the opposition National Democratic Congress (NDC), Johnson Asiedu Nketia, has appealed to the newly elected Ashanti regional executives of the party to kill internal tribal politics disease which is gradually gaining root in the party.

Addressing newly elected Ashanti regional executives of NDC in Kumawu, Mr Asiedu Nketia disclosed that, the party in Ashanti region for some time now is jam-packed of tribal divisiveness and backstabbing.

This he said is killing the love and loyalty the supporter used to devote to the party depending on which tribe member is elected as the flagbearer or as a President of the party.

Asiedu Nketia, added, this among other reasons contributed partly to why the party lost some key own parliamentary seats in Ashanti region to their main political opponent the NPP because the party didn’t approach the general elections with sense of unity.

“The trend in Ashanti NDC now is tribal politics, you always hear the party members claiming the NDC belongs to the volterians because the founder is from Volta region, others will also say, President Mahama is from the Northern region therefore the NDC now belongs to the Northerners, Ashanti will also fight other tribes in leadership position that we won’t allow any tribe to decide for us in Ashanti our home land all this don’t help in promoting unity in the party.

I seriously think the time has come for you newly elected executives of the party to kill this disease among you else the party will continue to struggle for long time in the region. In NPP’s strong hold you need approach issues with united front’’ he revealed.

He added, backstabbing among the party members and leadership contributed to the party’s worse Ashanti NDC performance in election 2016.

“I’m telling you all newly elected executives of the party that, we did not elect you based on your tribe and religious affiliation but party delegates have seen your work and commitment to the party for which they have given you the mandate to lead the party for the next four years going into election 2020’’ he noted.

He stressed “I am telling you your weakness because Ashanti votes mean a lot to NDC in every general elections because, Ashanti is among the first four regions that gives NDC most votes in every general elections.

“I’m expecting you the newly elected regional executives of the party to up your game in Ashanti by placing second among the first regions that will give NDC more votes in election 2020. Because any time NDC get more than 20 percent votes in your region we win general elections for that matter presidential ’’ he stressed.

Newly elected Chairman of the party Augustus Nana Akwasi, in his acceptance remarks after defeating the former deputy Ashanti regional minister Joseph Yamin on the chairmanship race, commended the delegates for electing strong team to the lead the party activities in the region for the next four years.

He assured the national executives that he poised in uniting the party after the contest to secure the 30 percent vote target of the party in the region.

“Reorganisation of the party grassroots for united front into election 2020 was my major campaign message in the contest, now that the delegates have decided and given us the mandate am assure you that I will go by my words” he assured.

He again added that, “you all know this election contest brought formation of a lot of camps, Yammin Camp, Nana Akwasi Camp trust me I will disband all said camps to form one winning team to work for the victory of NDC in election 2020. Our focus at the moment is to win at least 30 percent votes in Ashanti region. Therefore let work together as a team” he pleaded.

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