Politics Wed, 13 Sep 2006

Vote competent people to the Obuasi assembly

Obuasi (Ash), Sept 13, GNA- An aspiring assembly member for Gausu North electoral area has observed that since Obuasi has been raised to the municipal status, it needed competent and level-headed people to form the next assembly to facilitate the overall development of the municipality. The aspirant, Mr Edward Akwasi Akuoku made the observation at a press conference at Obuasi on Tuesday.

Mr Akuoko stressed that, "Though educational background is not a constitutional requirement for someone to become an assemblyman or woman, the person's intellectual ability is essential to influence the general direction of the assembly".

He challenged the electorate to be mindful of the choice they make since their voting pattern may have a positive or negative effect on the general development of their electoral areas.

Mr Akuoko said the electorate should be aware of the implications involved in voting for unsuitable candidates since the eventual decisions they take at the assemblies would have direct impact on them. The aspiring assembly member, who is committed to seeing a vibrant municipal assembly, advised the electorate to avoid voting on partisan lines so that good materials from the entire political divide could congregate at the assembly to pursue the interest of the ordinary residents in the municipality.

"By the Constitution, this election is non-partisan and that the electorate should endeavour to make it as such so that we can have good materials from all the political divide to represent the common interest of the ordinary Obuasi residents", he said.


Mr Akuoku, a journalist and a management consultant, said he had the experience and the flair to lead the people in the Gausu North electoral area and appealed to eligible voters to vote for him massively. He outlined his vision for the area and said he would endeavour to facilitate the improvement of drainage and sanitation to help check the incidence of malaria cases in the area.

He admitted that assembly members were not direct agents of development but as facilitators of development, and that as a representative of the local people, he would ensure that the needs of the electoral area was adequately met. Mr Akuoku condemned the way some candidates were employing unfair tactics against their opponents, stressing that it was an unhealthy practice that was likely to affect the good democratic environment.

Mr Akuoku said some aspirants were intentionally spreading false allegations against their contestants whilst others were using private issues to discredit them.

He called for a fair election to strengthen the democratic dispensation at the district level to promote good local governance.

Source: GNA