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Your 'love for Ghana' is almost like hatred for us – Prof Marfo unhappy with Ofori-Atta’s 'new job'

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  • Gyatase 1 month ago

    Akufo Addo has pulled anothe one again. Sacked KOA elevated to supervise his replacement. Under normal circumstance, the minister is the key adviser. But now there is a supra advise in the person of KOA.

  • YSL 1 month ago

    That old man only loves himself,he doesn't have a scintilla of love for Ghana,he has rather elevated his cousin,an insult to all the fools who queued in the scorching sun to vote for him.He has no regard and respect for anybo ...
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  • Blue Pen 1 month ago

    Yes, the decision of Akufo Addo to re-appoint his cousin Ofori Atta as senior presidential advisor on the economy undermine the intelligence of Ghanaians. But Ghanaians deserve such condescending attitude bcuz Ghanaians are t ...
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  • Mary 1 month ago

    Those rationalising akuffo addo decisions are npp footsoldiers who are benefiting from the party, and some paid ghanaweb bloggers. They are just a few



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  • Kyeremeh 1 month ago

    Akoffo Addo is weaked president why before Ghanaians says remove Ofori Atta from the office you say no why now we are going to voting and you removed him from there, you didn't allow Bawmia to use his interegent to make ghana ...
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  • Okyere Kay 1 month ago

    U are right.Ghanaians are too timid and docile and that is what is why we sit aloof for d president to take us for granted. D fama Nyame syndrome makes things worse for us.

  • Kofi Akwetey 1 month ago

    People, chill. First, no announcement has been made about Ken's supposed new position. So, we don't know what it involves. Secondly, we have had two senior ministers before, JH Mensah and Osafo Margo, both former Finance Mini ...
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  • Bediitor 1 month ago

    What better advise can Ofori give? He's been empty thus far and therefore not fit for purpose.

  • £EARN, TRAIN, MAKE MONEY 1 month ago

    There are those who are perpetual leeches to their country's government but mask it as service to nation...Don't become a spectator this year. Last year's investors in this skill are reaping now. Being intentional is importan ...
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  • Ama 1 month ago

    Hatred d on steroids!

  • Kofi 1 month ago

    It is mystifying how we have arrived at this point. God should punish those who prey on the weak severely. AMEN

  • The Spear 1 month ago

    Where were all these latter day saints when Akufo-Addo's credibility was questioned way before his presidential bid?

    When Akufo-Addo was MoFA, a lot of bad things happened and culminated in the burning of the Ministry's b ...
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  • No9 1 month ago

    You think these ugly thieves have finished looting? Criminals and nincompoops leading Ghana. These akyem baboons

  • Frances 1 month ago

    Professor hunu. Is Ofori Atta not a Ghanaian?

  • Law & Order 1 month ago

    You simply a fool. You don’t have brain. The person who gave birth to you did not teach you any moral lessons.

  • Kofi 1 month ago


  • kofigo 1 month ago

    You will regret cant see anything wrong because of politics

  • Bombastic 1 month ago

    @ Frances so you're saying KOA who has borrowed Ghana into unsustainable debt level, severe economic hardship, through the roof inflation deserves to be there because he's a Ghanaian, you're simply an IDIOT. Never come here ...
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  • Quophi 1 month ago

    unsustainable levels where, do you know our current debt to GDP ratio? mode3 nkwasia keka nkoaaa 24/7

  • Allwhite 1 month ago

    We don't know, kindly tell us

  • TWEAA DC 1 month ago


  • JB 1 month ago

    What shows akufo addo is intelligent

  • Yaw 1 month ago

    Another vagabond of the Chimpanzee president. They see nothing wrong with anything. Just because, they are politically blinded. Mmua nkwaaa

  • The Mothe Serpent Of Corruption 1 month ago

    You’re a fool and useless nppigs fool soldier reason you have no brain to think you and that silly fool chimpanzee akufo addo the murderer who killed for power are animals and all your family members are useless fools as we ...
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  • Kay 1 month ago

    A professor speaking without facts but only on hearsay. Professor is there any official communication from the presidency with regards to this new appointment? Let Mr Ofori Atta rest.

  • kofigo 1 month ago

    which fact again? was the new appointment not on the news? fool

  • Yaw 1 month ago

    That is the way the chimpanzee operates.
    What official letter are you expecting to see?
    Criminal operandi.

  • Gays+and+Lesbians 1 month ago

    Thank you. You are more intelligent than that Professor. Besides, there is nothing wrong with him being appointed a presidential advisor with his many years of financial experience. We also learn from experience.

  • The Mothe Serpent Of Corruption 1 month ago

    @kay another nppigs fool soldier such a silly fool following the mother serpent of corruption akufo addo the most useless president ever Ghana has had people like you are the cause of our problems because you’re too stupid ...
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  • LazyM 1 month ago

    You re super foolish...he said he doesn't Wana believe the story of KOA being appointed to another position despite his (KOA) about being sick etc...

  • Kwabena Peprah 1 month ago

    Prof Marfo, please you are displaying your inadequacies in govenance. What at all are you people out there looking for. . I am sorry. I often some of your colleagues at the Ministry and l ask myself whether the person is a ...
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  • Bawumia 1 month ago

    In fact you are mad

  • Gays+and+Lesbians 1 month ago

    Good job Kwabena Peprah, you have shown wisdom far beyond this so called professor.

  • The Mothe Serpent Of Corruption 1 month ago

    @kwabena pep rah So you’re also one of the silly fools we have here in Ghana no wonder the chimpanzee president akufo addo have influence over you these silly fools because I find it very difficult to understand some of you ...
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  • LazyM 1 month ago

    Gyimifour... always licking the Akuffo Addos rotten ass...what did he KOA achieve during his term...You are a mediocre.. always sticking on old glories..

  • Mohammed 1 month ago

    Every ndc professor behave like dead goat

  • Akufo Addo 1 month ago

    No like your useless parents

  • Gays+and+Lesbians 1 month ago

    All correct sir , Mohammed may you live for 100 years.

  • Kojo 1 month ago

    This professor is fighting a lost battle.

  • Abraziaa 1 month ago

    No sensible person will vote for npp MP's and week thinking leaders same of foolish Ghana will them like animals akufo addo bawumia week thinking

  • Joe Public 1 month ago

    No sensible person will vote for a party that can't collate its own electoral fortunes. Are you not stupid if you walk into a courtroom without an iota of evidence?

  • Yaw 1 month ago

    Is that why, this cocaine sniffing chimpanzee kept on spilling party bearing members to the EC?

  • Queen 1 month ago

    If you're a knowledgeable Prof. then you should have an idea as to how COVID 19 WRECKED HAVOC in the whole world to blame Ofori Atta. As Ghanaians would say- You all TALK BY HEART

  • Akufo Addo 1 month ago

    Stupid fool. Stop sniffing that expired thing. Kwasia

  • Yaw 1 month ago

    Nkwasia sem. Covid 19 affected only Ghana. Togo, Benin, Burkina faso etc were not affected. Did you daughter of a whore heard of haircut in all these our neighborhood countries? Go and tell the Marines this cooked story of co ...
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  • Donatus 1 month ago

    Gabby Otchere Darko has even resign from politics.

  • Quophi 1 month ago

    ekrom ha de3, nkwasia keka nkoaaa

  • Dee 1 month ago

    Awawa od) b3n ni?

  • Kofi Boahen in Paris. 1 month ago

    The President is not there to make you happy but he is there to do what is good for the country “GHANA” . Stupid man.

  • What are all these noises from 1 month ago

    All these professors and CDD professors are all throwing dust into the public eye by saying that Ofori-Atta has not been replaced but he has been given a different role above the new finance minister. What a lie by those who ...
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  • nana addo 1 month ago

    Time will tell.
    These bunch of criminals will answer one day.
    Their 1st to 10th unborn generations shall never and ever have peace.
    The Ghana peoples stolen cash shall diminish.
    Poverty and incurable diseases shall befall ...
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  • CRIME ALERT — Bastie is a SATANIC Homosexual 1 month ago

    CRIME ALERT — Bastie is a SATANIC Homosexual Trumu Trumu

    Bastie is a TERRORIST, Enemy of Ghana, and Enemy of United States. Therefore, Bastie should be captured, and face the same punishment like Osama Bin Laden

    Bast ...
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  • OSAFO KANTANKA 1 month ago

    This government has totally Lost their tracks. They don’t even care to figure out the causes of their Abysmal Failings. They keep blaming Mr. MAHAMA and the NDC for some bizarre reasons. The NPP is trying to blame the Citi ...
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  • Accra is 1 month ago

    So who is the presidential advisor on the economy which makes Ken Ofori-Atta be promoted the senior of that advisory body?Can someone ask the president for me this humble question?

  • Congoman 1 month ago

    He is the one he use to amass their wealtg

  • CRIME ALERT committed by Ghanaweb 1 month ago

    CRIME ALERT — Bastie is a SATANIC Homosexual

    Bastie is indeed, a SATANIC Homosexual, created in the image of Satan

    Bastie is a TERRORIST member of Alquedas, and ISIS TERRORIST Organizations

    Ghanaweb Management a ...
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  • Erik 1 month ago

    Had it not been the pressure from within and without olele will not have booted out his darling cousin even though his incompetence was everywhere

  • Kobby11_11 1 month ago

    We said we don't want Ken to be the Finance Minister. Finally, we got that. He is no more the Finance Minister, so what again is the problem? We didn't say we don't want to see him perform other functions for the government, ...
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  • George 1 month ago

    I am at a loss as to the appointment letter. Where is the letter appointing KOA to the so-called position? I read the so-called appointment on attributing the source to Franklin Coudjoe of Imani Ghana. If ther ...
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  • Kofi Mensah 1 month ago

    George, the appointment of KOA to the new post was published on both and as PDF oduments and dulely signed by Eugen Arhin, spokesman for the President.

    Note that no appointement letters were issu ...
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  • Funny World 1 month ago

    Prof. Marfo all that you people wanted is for Nana Addo to get rid of the finance minister, Ofori Atta and nothing else. After immense pressure, Nana Addo has sacked him from the position and has given him another post, what' ...
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  • Ekow Jones 1 month ago

    We talk without analyzing the situation on hand. Most at times out of hatred, jealousy and envy. This is not right. Gone are the days where prolific and intelligent writers like PAVA will dissect the situation and you can't s ...
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  • Joy 1 month ago

    He should go and bring in bill gate to steal him. Criminals politicians in Ghana

  • Afutuo 1 month ago

    You see how Ghanaians were wicked? You are the same people came out to shout “ CRUCIFIED HIM” crucified Ofori -Atta, who the hell think Ghana is for their fuccky parents.

  • Deedee 1 month ago

    Don't mind him. Behaves like a typical stubborn headed old man who has to have his way by all means,& deliberately misbehaves to spite those who demand a change. Such nonsense. This is the first time in history that even npp ...
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  • Oheneba Kofi Nsiah 1 month ago

    Nana Akuffo Addo has become a liability for the NPP. I am afraid most Ghanaians would vote for Mahama not because of his capabilities but because of the former's bad economic mismanagement of our dear country. By appointing ...
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  • Gays+and+Lesbians 1 month ago

    Kofi Nsiah, are you serious? You think Ghanaians are fools to vote for Mahama when Bawumia is leading with technological sense ?

  • ABU,USA 1 month ago


  • Asem 1 month ago

    You can see how foolish you are, better go to mahama and he will appoint you as his vice.

  • Sam Fante warrior. 1 month ago

    NPP is just a vampires criminals organization, don't trust that fake dollar police officer he is more dangerous than his master Akufo Addo.

  • Nana 1 month ago

    Kessea professor have you sighted any letter appointing Ken Ofori Atta to any position? Some of these idiots from the academia talk as if the words are coming from the anus. Deep seated hatred and envy will kill this pig of ...
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  • Stone Age Africans 1 month ago

    What is this man’s problem? Is he filled with hate or envy? He can’t speak for all Ghanaians.

  • ZUZA 1 month ago

    Are these NDC surrogates now attempting to instruct the president how to conduct his mandate? The cheek of it. What’s wrong with these people?

  • Edward 1 month ago

    Adamko daadaa adoi

  • Edward 1 month ago

    Adanko daadaa adoi

  • Asem beba dabi 1 month ago

    Mr man if you are not happy you can go ahead and burn the sea.Why all these hatreds.

  • Social Moral 1 month ago

    I am very disappointed in Nana Addo Reshuffle removing Ofori Atta and the Minister of Roads and highways.These two ministers were superb and workaholics. I don’t know what Nana Addo was thinking.Ofori Atta was able to make ...
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  • ZUZA 1 month ago

    You’re right man.

  • Ofori 1 month ago

    This junky akyem mafias will continue to loot our scanty resources even if bawumia wins the election in an unlikely event

  • Kofi safo 1 month ago

    How can a whole professor use rumours as basics of his argument?

    When is the letter that gave Ofori Atta the new job?

    Prof. Mpo noe

  • Shidaa A 1 month ago

    This is just a dress rehearsal of how Akuffo Addo will continue to be president in the very unlikely event that his stooge, Bawumia wins. Criminal actions come natural to Akuffo Addo. NPP is a tragedy to the nation.

  • Chuck, Virginia 1 month ago

    Ken's new role in government puts him in pole position to negotiate investment financing for the nation. And ensure he's paid consultancy fees that outweighs his position as finance minister.

  • Jacob 1 month ago

    We should not be surprised if Nana ends up elevating cousin Ken. He has, on occasion , expressed his unshaven confidence in his cousin. Did they not declare, at different times and venues, that Ghana WILL NOT go to IMF?? GHA ...
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