Afoko’s suspension a coup d’etat – Tarzan

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Comment: Mr. Tarzan

Kofi - USA
2015-10-23 19:36:06
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Tarzan: Afoko’s suspension is a coup d’etat

I am not sure where you folks received your doctorate degrees. An elected chairman can be suspended and he is not above the law. Even an elected President or Prime Minister can be Impeached if he does something contrary to the constitution. If he has any sense at all he should have resigned honorably. Having said that leaders in Africa no know shame hence they will not resign even if it means being killed. If this was in a civilized world he would have resigned or stepped. It is only in Ghana and African politics where the chairman and secretary of a political party is more powerful than the President or Presidential candidate. So Mr. Tarzan, Afoko can be suspended. You were suspended for acting foolishly and you did not call it a coup d'état. Grow up and be wise.

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friend of mahama on Oct 23, 2015 20:05
Kofi - USA on Oct 23, 2015 19:36