Nana Addo wants to hijack NPP for 20 years – Awuni

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Comment: AGENDA 2020 EXPOSED!!!

New Sheriff in Town
2016-03-05 00:40:48
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Nana Addo wants to hijack NPP for 20 years – Awu

According to Andrew Awuni, Akufo Addo wants to hijack NPP for 20 years. How he came to believe that he did not elucidate, but we all know when Akufo Addo wins he can only be the President and leader of the NPP for only 8 years. When is Awuni counting his 20 years from - 2008 or 2024? Or is Awuni implicitly exposing his fears that by the end of Akufo Addo's presidecny he would have prepared a somebody else outside from the Agenda 2020 protagonists to lead the NPP? Awuni's outbursts just confirm the long held suspicion that there are inate selfish characters within the NPP who believe if they cannot become NPP flagbearers or appendages of the flagbearer then nobody else must be an NPP flagbearer. Selfishness, skinpain and sel-centeredness is what is driving the Awunis, Afokos, Agyapongs et all who believe under Akufo Addo's presidency they would not have the freedom to amass ilicit wealth. It's a shame how personal interests of these people clearly have been lifted above the Party's interests.

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New Sheriff in Town on Mar 5, 00:40