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2016-10-26 15:56:46
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The President should know the flag bearer of the NPP cannot help in his frustrations at this stage of the election. I would have offered him some pieces of advice if he had come out earlier. It is now too late in the day so he has to live it.
The frustration has been the cause for his call to the flag bearer for a debate when every serious contender in this election has planned his program of action for the days ahead for campaign. The flag bearer is not ready for any debate now and if the President really wants a platform to debate, I am ready as an agent of the NPP flag bearer to engage him in the debate he so much need. Aside this nobody in the NPP is ready now for a debate. I am ready for the debate even in the next minute of this publication. If he fails to take advantage of this nice opportunity I am offering, he should allow sleeping dogs to lie.
The decision of the NPP flag bearer to revise his decision to attend the IEA Evening Encounter was appropriate. In the study of Strategic Management practitioners are advised to be flexible in their plans so all those who are disappointed in the flag bearer’s decision don’t know what they are saying. It was known that the NDC was out to copy the plans and programs of the NPP and these plans and programs are articulated in the Manifesto which the flag bearer will lay out during this encounter. It is only a fool who does not change his mind.
Again the President was complaining about the media not highlighting the achievements of his Government. We all know the media has been polarized; some of the media houses have been known to be friendly to the cause of the NDC and the Government. Is the President not satisfied with this section of the media or he now wants the other section to join in the praise singing to his Government? This cannot happen and he should not be calling for something which will never happen. In my view, the President is just using the media as a scape goat. It is not the media which is not doing its work but he has not been doing his work properly. He should know the people of Ghana are rational beings and will react appropriately to their environment. I recall using the medical profession to make an analogy by saying that the President as a medical officer has been prescribing the wrong medication for the cure of diarrhoea instead of malaria. All they have been doing for the past eight years is exactly the above. One other thing which has not helped him has been the scraping of the Monitoring and Evaluation unit headed by Dr Tony Aidoo which the late President Mills had set up at the presidency. He thought that unit was not important, now he is feeing the pain of his incompetence. He does not know the worth of a unit like that. He thought DrAidoo was talking against the Government so he had to post him outside the country to pave way for the corruption he has planned with his cohorts.
I was sad to hear Prof KwamenaAhwoi wade into the propaganda engaged by the President and the NDC saying Nana Addo is a divisive leader. I would have allowed this comment to pass without response but as long as the Prof is ready to do propaganda it is right to deal with his comment. The flag bearer of the NPP was overwhelmingly voted for at the congress of the NPP by right thinking people of that party. They believed his qualities make him the right person to lead them into the election. The NPP like any civilized organization is regulated by rules without which will be chaos. The party is not a sole proprietorship with the owner as AkufoAddo but there are very knowledgeable and level headed people in the party. They believe the rules governing the party should work no matter who is involved. The three people the Prof mentioned fell foul of the rules and sanctions were applied. Those who were not happy went to court for adjudication and the court did not uphold their positions. Or was the court presided by AkufoAddo? I thought the Prof knew this but he decided to lower himself into the propaganda which I find very unfortunate for a person of his social standing. Is this how low politics can make some people come?Let me give this piece of advice to the Prof; if he is ready for the propaganda which the NDC is known for then he should be ready for the consequence.
The delegates that elected the flag bearer were the same for the positions of chairman, vice chairman and secretary. I have no doubt the elections of the party officers were intended to assist the flag bearer to win the presidential and parliamentary elections for the party. In the instance were the Chairman was acting as a mole in the party is not something members will entertain so his suspension received overwhelming acceptance. It was the same for the other two officers. Nobody in the party is above the rules agreed to regulate the members of the party. How then can the flag bearer be blamed by NDC followers of these suspensions? Again the suspension was effected based on the reports of the appropriate committees charged to look into the matters. The truth is that the NDC was financing the anti-progressive conducts of these officers to sabotage the work of the flag bearer. They have not been happy with the suspensions ever since because their objectives could not be realized. The people of Ghana should know the truth in this matter and what the President and the NDC are doing is to turn the issue upside down to their advantage and to make the flag bearer looks bad.
The 1992 Constitution has provided the broad framework for governing this country and the various contending parties have crafted their manifestos on the objectives of the Constitution.In my view it is up to a presidential candidate and the government he forms to execute the manifesto to bring well being to the citizenry. This is where skills of the president and his government are largely required. If President Mahamaand his Government have not been able to deliver the well being needed by the citizenry, it shows they don’t have the requisite skill to administer the country properly.His Government has been said to provide so much infrastructure with so much borrowing, by his own admission but there is widespread hardship and suffering. What could this mean? The framers of the Constitution have set four years tenor for any government to deliver this well being so President Mahama has no excuse. President Obama of the US also had four years to improve the well being of Americans and he did it well so the people gave him another term. Why couldn’t Mahama do the same? This is another testimony that he is incompetent.
Every government in our history has provided infrastructure but they combined this with interventions that have direct impact on the well being of the people like the several social interventions introduced by former President Kufuor. As a developing country, governments now and in the future will provide physical infrastructure so it is not enough for President Mahama to be boasting of infrastructure. Should we die while he provides the infrastructure? Or should we lack behind while he provides the infrastructure? He and his party people, friends are families are living well while majority of the people are living under hardship and he want us to listen to his parochial message. The NPP will also provide infrastructure but will be mindful of the well being of the people. The people are wide awake in this time and age.
I have not yet received report on his visit to my region, the Volta but I can imagine his message to the people: It will be about physical projects, promises and sharing of money. The promises will come in the areas of providing employment to the people which has been the major concern of the youth of that area and the nation at large. Does it need the people to complain about job before he has to provide them? He has behaved like an irresponsible father in the home. This is another example of incompetence. What he has always said in response to jobs is that his Government has created jobs in the construction of roads, schools and hospitals as if he is telling all of us to limit our opportunities in these areas only. He intentionally crippled the private sector which provides varied opportunities in job for the people. The Constitution in Article 36(2b) recognizes the role of the private sector but because he wanted to demobilize his opponents and to engage in massive corruption he ensured the critical infrastructure needed by the private sector, power, is delayed and fixed at a later time to the elections. This is the reason Deputy Minister of Power, Jinapor described him as a Colossus and Mongul; the President is a very wicked person and pretentions than many people think. He is a danger to this country and not the people he and his communicators point accusing fingers to.
The NDC has governed this country for 16 years aside the 11 years by former President Rawlings as a military person. It was largely the same group of individuals in charge of running the country. Physical infrastructures are brought into being with taxes, borrowings and grants. Which government in the history of the country has had the biggest resources to develop the country? The resources available to President Mahama’s Government far surpass the resources available to the rest of the governments put together in the Fourth Republic. So provision of infrastructure should not be boast for him. The most important thing to note is the impact these have brought on the lives of the people. This is what we should be discussing.
As a son of the Volta Region, I am calling on my kith and kin to ignore the lies and propaganda of the NDC under President Mahama. I normally sympathize with them any time I visit home to find the level of hardship and deprivation they live in. The NDC only regard them as a ‘’Voter Region’’ to win elections. There are some regions in the country considered as ‘’Swing Regions’’ which are taken more seriously and the best of attention is given to them. The time has come for the indigenes to make the Volta Region also a Swing Region. This is the only way the region can be taken seriously and I want them to start in this election. President Mahama just wants a second term after which he has no commitment to the Region. NanaAddo will be committed to the Region since he will like to have your votes for his second term so he and the NPP will keep faith with the people. This is a golden opportunity to turn around the fortunes of the Region. Don’t even forget that your own son former President Rawlings whose goodwill the Region has been faithful with the NDC has been sidelined and plotted against to be disgraced. I know my people to be wise and this can be attested to when the elders sit-in-state.
I want to know the reason the EC says when the pink sheet is not signed, the results recorded will be carried. Why does the Constitution demands that the reps of contestants sign the results before they are declared? The EC should be advised to stay away from courting trouble at this hour of the election if they want a peaceful election. For a candidate or polling agent to refuse to sign the sheet, there should be a problem. Hypothetically, if the NPP has a problem with the result recorded on the pink sheet, is the EC advising the NPP rep to sign? Members of the EC have some mental problems which need to be examined by team of doctors. We right thinking and fair minded people of this country will not allow the EC to plunge our country into disorder because of the so called independence we have granted them. I also want to use this opportunity to call sympathizers and members of the NPP to stay around the polling stations after they have casted their votes to ensure that misguided people from the ruling party like theMontie 3 do not do anything untoward. Their presence alone can deter these people to think of doing anything unacceptable to the votes.
The Constitution per Article 49(2) requires that after voting the ballots must be counted in the presence of the candidates or their reps and voters in general. The EC should not be allowed to do anything to give undue advantage to any of the contesting parties. The truth is that we don’t trust the EC to be fair so we demand transparency and accountability in the elections in general whether special or general. We cannot be assured of the safety of the ballot boxes in the custody of the EC or any state institution since they have over the years shown they are allegiant to the Government in power instead of the State.Voting is by secret ballot and whether the NPP wins in the police, media or whatsoever, no single voter can be pinned down for the result.
The President is said to embark on a campaign tour of the Easter Region during which he will commission projects which the Government has used taxes of the State to construct. The President did not use his pocket money to deliver these projects nor used the resources of his party. What he is going to do is a constitutional requirement and it is no achievement. Those people who think building schools and other physical infrastructure alone are enough to earn vote for him are mediocre people. It is the combination of infrastructure, policies and programs to improve the living conditions of the people the critical matter. His main focus on the provision of infrastructure to the detriment of the others has been largely influenced by corruption. The President and members of the NDC were in the northern part of the country and were whipping tribal sentiments that the people should vote for him because he comes from that part of the country. What will they be telling the people as they go to the Easter Region about who to vote for? The desperation on the part of the President and his followers has been clear. In 2012 the President won the election if they do at all because of the sympathy Ghanaians had for the demise of late Prof Mills who they master minded to assassinate because they believed he was going to lose the elections as he had earlier declared his intentions to contest.
I was lying in bed waiting for sleep to take over me but it was not coming. I then decided to reflect on the coming elections and I had an instinct that the Government through the Police Service will come back on the social media debate. The feeling was that the Police Service will find a way to realize their decision to ban the use of social media prior, during and after the elections. On the following day I read from the news the IGP has insisted on going ahead with his decision to facilitate the blockage of social media. I was therefore not surprised when I read this story because the Lord has revealed it to me the previous night. I have been fasting the whole period so I know what I am saying. On the day of voting I don’t expect social media to be that busy because patrons will be at polling centers to vote. Despite everything, the results at the polling stations will be public information since the various parties have their reps and agents there. So what is the fear being entertained by the Police and the Government? My only suspicion is that the NDC have under their sleeves evil plans on that day so they are trying hard to ensure these plans they will unleash at various parts of the country are prevented from being transmitted over. Aside this I cant understand why blocking social media a key matter.
One other issue which I have been trying to understand is the suspension of checking the validity of driving documents. This was my main focus before the social media issue came in. I was trying to fathom the reason behind this directive. My mind has been agitated on this matter because of the frustration of the President that his message was not getting through. So I ask myself, whose message is getting through? I suspect the analysis some of us have been undertaking might be affecting the President so he and the NDC will try every possible avenue to cut us out of the equation of informing the people. Let me take this fine opportunity to call on all progressive people in the country to be proactive to restrain the IGP through the legal system from carrying out his intended infringement on our constitutional right. He and his cohorts are not innovative and don’t want to think outside the box. Blocking social media is not the answer but I will not provide the answer too. People are paid by the tax payer to do what they are appointed to do. If they cannot do the work, they should leave the scene for people capable to take over.

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