Owusu Bempah's supporters besiege CID HQ

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2016-10-26 15:59:39
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When we discuss visionary leadership, President Mahama is several miles away from it. Since he started commissioning the Community Day Schools I have never heard him say the facilities are in their first phase and that boarding facilities will be provided. During his commission of one of these schools in the Easter Region he mentioned this. Even by the name of these schools they are originally meant to be day facilities. The proposal to add boarding facility was mentioned for the first time on Good Morning Ghana show by John Kumah and in my last article I provided more flesh to it. Truly to the word, the President does not have good leadership qualities let alone be competent. He is always waiting for the opportunity to lash onto anything good said by anybody. This alone establishes the point that if the NPP had launched their campaign earlier the NDC would have copied it. He is a big Copy Cat.The country is too big for him to lead. He is fit to work just as a vice president where he takes instruction from his superior and comes back to report.
Any time the NPP flag bearer says something the President and the NDC says he cannot do it. The President has no vision for this country and it has been a waste of eight years of our lives to have allowed NDC to govern this country. Even all the social interventions and other programs initiated by the NPP before they left power could not be implemented in the original form thought by the NPP. All the things being mentioned by the flag bearer are not too big to achieve. It is only those who are dwarfish in their thought who will imagine they could not be realized. Blacks elsewhere in the world are doing wonders. I guess if his Highness Kofi Annan had stayed in Ghana he could not have become the UN Sec Gen.
The President was talking about increase on the roll of the NHIS has been due to its success. There is no empirical evidence to that assertion but I believe the roll is increasing because of poverty levels and there is no other alternative for the people to afford increasing health care in the midst of poverty. If one considers the list of drugs covered by the NHIS is nothing to write home about. The issue is just about the saying that half a loaf is better than none.
Ghanaians will now agree that President Mahama and his Government have short changed this country through corruption if one observes the goodies and opulence being displayed during this electioneering process. The sizes of the bill boards carrying the President’s pictures and other paraphernalia of the NDC speak to it. The effect of corruption on this country has been debilitating and one can surely trace every hardship we are facing as a country to corruption. Corruption has always been the main determining factor in previous elections and it is hoped it will be the same for the up coming elections as well. For instance the negative impact of the lack of power for three and a half years in the country can be firmly traced to lack of money and for that matter corruption. All those monies siphoned by the President and his cohorts if available could have assisted to solve the problem on time for industries and the private sector operators to deliver the jobs needed by the people and the youth in particular.
On this note I wish to call all progressive minded individuals and those seeking change in the elections to be vigilant before, during and after the elections. The President and the NDC thinkas incumbent they must win the elections at all cost. The Constitution provides four years tenor for every president and not eight as we are made to believe. The eight years is just an indication of the maximum any president can lead the country. The danger we face in the country is the conduct of the President and the NDC, they want to use fair or foul means to win the elections. There are faceless people using the authority of state institutions to push the agenda of the President; deliberate and deep abuse of incumbency. This country will get into flames if the NDC and the President do not depart from the current posturing. Never will one hear the NPP blame the NDC of planning anything untoward but often times the NDC is accusing the NPP of planning something. Their guilty conscience is haunting them because they know what they have in mind to do. They are perfectly sure the NPP will sit unconcerned. Developments of this nature make us rubbish the position by the President at the UN gathering that advance countries should not impose the same model of democracy on Africa. The world knows African leaders cannot be trusted to do the right things because they hear of the negative things that happen on the continent. Our leaders go there to give lopsided position of Africa, deliberately avoiding to comment on the negative things. President Mahama and his Government are also doing some of these things which will never happen in the advanced economies because they have designed systems and policies to deal with them.
I am just a mere sympathizer to the cause of the flag bearer of the NPP and a floating voter by status. The only time I saw him in person was at Prof Jega’s lecture at the College of Physicians and Surgeons. Even on this occasion I never talked to him. I don’t know any of the leading members of the NPP either. My belief is that President Mahama and the NDC don’t have the abilities to transform the country to the state we all want it so I will not sit aloof to allow them go on the deception tangent. The propaganda must give way to serious business of nation building. The issue of debate is being discussed in the media and my view is that the flag bearer of the NPP should never waste his time at this hour. He has no pleasure of time to engage in this elitist program at this time instead of engaging the ordinary voter around the country side. The NDC are able to finance as many as five or more people at the same time to engage in campaign whiles the NPP has only the flag bearer and his vice. It will be strategically wrong for the NPP to accept any debate now as the message of the party is getting home. Debates are not done for the sake of just debate. They are meant to achieve a certain objective and if that will not inure to the benefit of participants it is not worth it. There is no time for recovery if anything go wrong at this time.

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