Changing governments stalls development – Mahama

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Comment: What an elementary thought.

Pusiga Naaba
2016-11-01 18:40:42
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Changing governments stalls development – Mahama

What an infantile, elementary thought. Mahama, where did you go to school, Legon? Shame,shame, shame.Rawlings and PNDC/NDC stayed in his brutal, murderous dictatorship for 20yrs. Show us the development. It was due to change of power that you came into being, and you tell us this. You don't want change of govt. In other words one party state. what an elementary thought. And you keep messing up. You abandoned all the good schemes that Kuffuor laft. Yo collapsed Zoom lion hence the filth on our streets. You collapsed NHIS hence people dying like chickens. Look at what you did with SADA. Dumsor and all rot and vice in Ghana. And you tell us Change of govt. is bad. How elementary a childish thought is this. Shame on you if you cannot stand on your achievements.

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Pusiga Naaba on Nov 1, 18:40
What an elementary thought.