We gifted NPP victory in December polls - NDC

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Comment: NPP Victory

2017-01-27 23:52:33
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We gifted NPP victory in December polls - NDC

The 2016 elections were the cleanest so far, according to the Ndc Ashanti Regional secretary. This is true. The cheats, were policed right to the end of the polls. Finger of God and ballot stuffing, transpositional errors and the like, were eliminated. So also were the usual border crossing elements, stopped by the Trumplike vigilance of the NPP Regional chairman and his compatriots. The EC hands were made feeble by the use of superior tactics employed by a vigilant opposition which have learnt a useful lesson from repeated cheating. I believe, from this time forward, elections will be won by merit and not by ways and means.

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Ritewing on Jan 27, 2017 23:52