Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' with Akufo-Addo - Pastor

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Comment: Is that a prophecy?

Kofi Adjei
2018-03-30 03:33:17
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Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' with A

Rawlings has never appreciated any leader of this country except himself. You do not need to be a prophet to predict Rawlings' behaviour. When John Mahama fixed street lights in his hometown, Mahama was a good guy then. Once he gets his way, he is fine. So we know him.

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Zoobie-Zoobie on Mar 30, 2018 01:45
Kofi Adjei on Mar 30, 2018 03:33
Is that a prophecy?
Kojo Grace, California on Mar 31, 2018 18:09