Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' with Akufo-Addo - Pastor

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Kwesi Frank
2018-03-30 05:35:39
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Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' with A

We in The International Law Community is mesmerized! As to how the NDC allowed the NPP to operate all these radio and television stations under their regime in the name of Democracy! Namely group of companies! etc,etc! No wonder! Some of us “thinks” The NPP stole the 2016 Presidential Elections by “falsifying” result and broadcasting it on their radio and television networks!
REV Kusi Boafo and Kennedy Agyapong are doing everything they can! To sabotage Nana Akufo-Ado and his government! Mr holier than thou! So you know! Your “Friend” Kennedy Agyapong! In the year 2007! All he had! Was an uncompleted 4 bedroom house in Ogbojo Rough Road. Most times, he could not even pay his electricity bills. Why do you think he lost his “Ex-Wife” to The Black Star Player? My personal second house was a few blocks from this uncompleted house. I have personally, given him and his “Ex-Wife’ a ride in my car before! As to how! He got all the so called money he claimed he has! Between the year 2007 to 2018! Only God Knows. So you know Kennedy! The feds! Knows what you did! In Florida as well as East Coast! They also knows that! Your “wooden” 4 bedroom house in the USA, which you refer to as a mansion is not in your name! Keep running your mouth! Them de’y watch you!

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Kwesi Frank on Mar 30, 2018 05:35
Re: Rawlings will end his political 'honeymoon' wi
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