Mahama's son Sharaf marks father's 60th birthday with rare photo of them on jet ski

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Ndc Nkwaseafuo party
2018-12-03 20:28:04
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Mahama's son Sharaf marks his 60th birthday with r

Ghana journalists are nkurasefuo papa,so is this man the only person to use this? aaah, why is this still here, is that helping to build the nation? why are you not publishing the reduction of petroleum but this nonsense, something the whole nation is benefitting is nothing to these do nothing hypocrites and stupid so called journalists! the right to the information bill must not be passed, Ghana is not yet there, we don't have responsible journalists like in the civilized world, most of these Ghana journalists refuse to earn from the civilized world and they live in their primitive way and don't deserve to know everything, they refuse to learn and will find it difficult to understand and will twist the truth to make it bad. I'm against it that the bill must be passed because they Ghanaian journalists are not matured to be
rushed into civilized manners. Nkurasesem no dooso dodo!, the way they ask questions even give them away their minds are not matured. Leave it where it is until we get matured and civilized ones in future. Today's journalists are corrupt and will twist and turn things that everyone sees is black to be white and white to be black. They are very disgusting!

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Ndc Nkwaseafuo party on Dec 3, 20:28
Re: Mahama's son Sharaf marks his 60th birthday wi