Press Releases Thu, 3 Nov 2016

Account for Woyome money - NPP charges Mahama

The NPP is horrified and saddened by the report that the Attorney General is not able to pursue anymore the retrieval of taxpayers monies paid to Mr. Alfred Woyome, as far back as 2010.

The NDC government Itself as far back as 2009 has admitted the payments to Mr. Woyome were wrong, unjustified and undeserved. But no NDC official involved in this gargantuan loss of taxpayers monies has been punished or prosecuted.

Per the solo efforts of Mr. Martin Amidu, the Supreme Court in 2014 ordered that the monies should be retrieved, describing the payment as a scheme to create, loot and share taxpayers monies. President Mahama and his government did not seek an order for payment with interest despite the Supreme Court ruling.

Despite this, two years after the order for even the greatly devalued ghc52.8 millions, President Mahama has not managed to retrieve even a PESEWAS of taxpayers monies from Mr Woyome.

What little hope Ghanaians have that our monies will be retrieved has been dashed by the withdrawal of the Attorney General from further pursuit of the retrieval of the monies.

The NPP and Ghanaians cannot let this corruption and wanton loss of taxpayers monies just go by.


We demand that President Mahama and his government retrieve the full value of our monies otherwise the party intends to lead Ghanaians in street protests.

Create, loot and share cannot be rewarded. President Mahama must account for our monies or be shown the red card.




Source: NPP Communications
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