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Appreciation: His Excellency President Mahama On The Remission Of The Muntie Trio

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23rd August, 2016.


Appreciation: His Excellency President John Dramani Mahama On The Remission Of The Muntie Trio

BGF, wishes to express its profound gratitude to you the president of the Republic of Ghana, H.E President John Dramani Mahama for truly being a listening and a compassionate first gentleman of the land by granting Remission to the Muntie Trio upon the hue and cry of Ghanaians based on the harshness of the sentence given to the Muntie Trio by the supreme court of Ghana.


BGF firmly believes that this action of yours is NOT and MUST be interpreted as a disregard for the rule of law nor a suppression of the judiciary as a section of politically motivated Ghanaians are seeking to portray. But rather this action MUST be seen as a demonstration of true democracy which believes in the separation of powers, poised to facilitate freedom of speech and media freedom. This brave and bold act also demonstrates your compassionate nature and it is additionally grounded in law per the provisions of Article 72 of the 1992 Constitution of Ghana and followed due process by consulting with the Council of State.

BGF, strongly upholds the position of H.E the President that ‘ Ghanaians must respect the institutions of State and exercise freedom of speech responsibly mindful of the need to preserve peace and national unity’.

Finally, BGF by this release is calling on all well-meaning Ghanaians to celebrate true democracy and separation of powers per the remission of the Muntie Trio by the President of the Republic of Ghana.

Long live Ghana!

Long live Democracy!


Long live the NDC!

Long live BGF!!!!!!


Osabutey Emmanuel – Convener (0244879415)

Issah Yakubu – Communication Officer (0243507538)

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