Celebrating 15 years of Creating Meaningful Connections

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Tue, 12 May 2020 Source: Hubtel

This month,indigenous ecommerce and SMS messaging company, Hubtel is celebrating 15 years of helping businesses connect meaningfully with customers.From its humble 2005 beginnings,Hubtel has grown into a vibrant and nimble company with over 80 employees.

In the buildup to this anniversary, Hubtel has positioned itself to dominate ecommerce just as it’s done with its transformational work in fintech and bulk messaging.

In 2019, the company overhauled its entire eCommerce infrastructure and released an impressive set of features for retailers and their customers; seamlessly merging the shopping experience in store, online and on mobile.

A growing number of neighborhood shops, popular restaurants, retailers, grocery stores, and service providers are making their products and services available to customers on hubtel.com; as consumers change lifestyles and routines to internet-first.

As businesses and individuals buckle under a pandemic and scramble for technology to work, to shop, to sell, to connect with family and friends, to entertain or find community, technology’s power to improve our lives has never been more evident. Hubtel is best placed to help businesses of all sizes, transition from brick and mortar to clicks and orders with fast same day delivery.

“Looking forward to the future,” CEO, Alex Bram clarifies “Our continuing success as an organization is dependent on our ability to continue to retain the confidence and trust businesses have in us. We will keep improving obsessively, not just our platforms and infrastructure, but our people, our values and our culture!”

“We want to be Africa's most-loved shopping platform; helping retailers sell and deliver to nearby communities, while blurring the lines between in-store and online shopping for consumers.”

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Source: Hubtel