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#FreeMontie3Now organizers thank Mr. President

The Organizers of #FreeMontie3Now wish to express our profound gratitude to the President, His Excellency John Dramani Mahama, for the grant of remission of sentence to our three brothers Godwin Ako Gunn, Alistair Tairo Nelson and Mugabe Maase, who were harshly jailed by the Supreme Court, for expressing various views about their perceived biasness of some Supreme Court judges.

The decision to free the three comes after we had organized series of vigils, and hundreds of thousands of people had signed petitions calling on His Excellency the President, to arrest the capricious application of the law that saw to the incarceration of the three public speakers.

We have held the position, that we do not in any way support the comments by the said individuals, but see the associated incarceration as excessively harsh and therefore warranting a Presidential pardon in fulfilment of the governance principles of checks and balances.

The decision of the President has indeed established the fact that the state would always stand to ensure that justice is served the people at any given time and that at no time should one arm of government act capriciously without expecting another arm to use enshrined constitutional powers to correct such excesses.

We wish to once again say a big thank you to the President for his show of mercy, in line with the advice of the Council of State.

We are grateful to the President of the Republic.


Thank you.


In line with the program to welcome our brothers, we wish to, by this statement, admonish the general public not to head to the Nsawam Prisons on Friday. Rather, there shall be a church service on Sunday at the premises of Radio Gold /Montie FM at 9:00 am.

We invite all who stood for FREEDOM to join the three to show gratitude to the Almighty.


Source: FreeMontie3Now organisers

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