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HRAC condemns abuse of human rights of two persons by a supposed "prophet"

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18th August, 2016.

(For Immediate Release)

HRAC condemns abuse of human rights of two persons by a supposed "prophet"

The Human Rights Advocacy Centre (HRAC) has noted, with great concern, a 2:59 minute video circulating on Social Media where a supposed Prophet, Daniel Obinim of the International God's Way Church, was seen flogging two church members (ie. a male and a female) with a belt in front of the whole congregation during one of his church services.


The reason for the flogging of these two persons was that, they committed fornication, leading to the girl being impregnated by the young man.

HRAC finds this act a total abuse of human rights, very distasteful and inhumane to these victims, especially coming from a matured man who should have known better.

The Centre finds this act a total violation of Article 15 of the 1992 Constitution which states categorically that:

(1) The dignity of all persons shall be inviolable.

(2) No person shall, whether or not he is arrested, restricted or detained be subjected to—


(a) torture or other cruel, inhuman or degrading treatment or punishment.

(b) any other condition that detracts or is likely to detract from his dignity and worth as a human being.

Sections 84, 85, 86 of the Criminal Offenses Act, 1960 Act 29 also criminalise this act of assault and battery.

HRAC condemns this act because if such violence and act of impunity are not checked and controlled, will go a long way to normalise and encourage abuse of human rights in our country.

In this regard, the Human Rights Advocacy Centre will, immediately, proceed to take actions to defend the rights of the victims at the Human Rights Court.



Miss Philomina Ahiable

(Acting Executive Director, HRAC.)

Contact: 0244775265

Source: Human Rights Advocacy Centre (HRAC)

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