Press Releases Thu, 15 Sep 2016

Imposter Alert: Bismarck Gyamfi Is Not Gups President




Imposter Alert: Bismarck Gyamfi Is Not Gups President. Nec Recognises Wisdom Gmayan As The Duly Elected President Of Gups.

The attention of the National executive committee (NEC) of Ghana union of Professional students (GUPS) comprising of component institutions and national officers of the Union have been drawn to the impersonation of the presidency of the union.

The said impersonation is being carried out by one Bismarck Gyamfi of Ghana school of surveying and mapping who recently lost to Mr. Wisdom Gmayan- GUPS President elect in the recently conducted GUPS Presidential elections.

NEC being the second highest decision making body outside congress of GUPS finds this act of impersonation by the said Bismarck Gyamfi as criminal and unacceptable.

This is quite unfortunate at a time when the union has just been properly positioned in the eyes of corporate Ghana and the general public as a foremost frontier and negotiator of the interest of professional students across Ghana by the Elorm Mawuli Kwaw led administration.

Setting the records straight and for the avoidance of doubt, the 15th annual residential delegates congress was held on the campus of University of Energy and Natural resources from the 24th to 27th of August, 2016 to elect the next crop of leaders to steer affairs of the union for the 2016/2017 academic year, as well as deliberate on issues critical to the development of the union.


The student of GSSM parading himself as the duly elected President actually contested that elections and lost to Mr. Wisdom Gmayan of University College of Management studies (UCOMS-Accra) by 136 to 22 votes after he and his cohorts boycotted the elections for reasons best known to them.

NEC finds his actions as disgraceful of a professional student who should have known better. The era of declaring oneself president after losing to a duly elected President is long gone and NEC will not in any way countenance any act of impersonation.

NEC resoundingly throws its weight behind Mr. Wisdom Gmayan of UCOMS-Accra as he was duly elected and declared as such by the mandated electoral commission of the union constituted by NEC and approved by congress.

NEC is particularly concerned that Bismarck Gyamfi is bringing the name of the union into disrepute by using it for political expediency. The September 6th edition of Daily Guide captioned: Students Rise up against Mahama is of particular mention.

NEC will not allow GUPS as a non- partisan student centered organization to be used to achieve the selfish political points of a greedy few nor to be used to further the cause of any political party as Bismarck Gyamfi seeks to do.

We are by this formal release notifying the general public, corporate Ghana, component institutions and the media in particular to desist from dealing with the said Bismarck Gyamfi as they will be doing that at their own risk.

NEC is also by this release giving the said gentleman a 24 hour ultimatum to desist from carrying himself as the GUPS President when we have a sitting GUPS President who is yet to handover to Mr. Wisdom Gmayan the duly elected President of the union at its 15th annual residential congress.

NEC will also not hesitate to initiate criminal actions against the said Bismarck Gyamfi for impersonation should he continue to carry himself as GUPS President when he is not.

We are also by this release appealing to all political parties to stay off the activities of the union and to component institutions and members to remain calm as we take remedial measures to resolve this impasse.


Thank you.


1. Elorm Mawuli Kwaw- GUPS President (Chief spokesperson of the Union)-0248636829

2. Obed Asamoah Mensah-GUPS Coordinating Secretary-0240923875

3. Mavis Lamisi Apeliba- General Secretary-0266401272

4. Eto Gershon- GUPS Treasurer-0200907048

5. Belinda Deke - GUPS Women's Commissioner-0262150993

6. Benyamin Madugu Avornyotse-SRC President-GIJ-0540867943

7. Kingsly Anane-SRC President- UCOMS Accra-0209013758


8. Pearl Ossai-SRC President - GIL-0262560141

9. Abdullahi Iddi Saani-SRC President-AUCC-0208389945

10.Simon Libalgma Kuwella-SRC President- School of Social works-0208158126

11. Rejoice Sosu-keteku Adzo-SRC President- UCAES-0545424605

12. Frederick Nii Ayi Mac-Arthur- GUPS President NAFTI-0508798366

13. Victor Elias Seshie-SRC President Alliance Francia-0547421431

14. Collins Otupiri Sarbah-SRC President-West end University College-0243434407

15. Ajali Emmanuel-SRC President-Business management and Financial Institute (BMFI Dansoman and Gbawe campuses)-0279454192

16. Emmanuel Demzoaya-SRC President-UCOMS Kumasi-0243163861

17. Paa Kofi Atobrah-SRC President-Anglican University College-0502695520

18. James Afedo-SRC President-Mountcrest University College-0206059908

19. Kumah Bishop-SRC President Ghana Christian University College-0544442310

20.Roubil Abdul Karim-SRC President Technical University College-0203889209

21. Seyi Adele-SRC President Academic city University college-0231674998.