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The NDC does not own the Volta Region and the Volta Region does not owe the NDC

It is abundantly evident that the NDC has been an abject failure in our region. Our roads, schools, hospitals, and an array of lame infrastructure, are a testament to this. Yet the NDC, led by John Mahama with a supporting cast of stomach politicians, such as his starving chief attack-dog Koku Anyidoho, continue to lie and distort the truth. The incumbent government has spread so many lies that they might as well set up a Ministry of Disinformation, to continue to propagate their false and dubious claims of "development".

Any unsuspecting person who listens to the NDC hype-machine would think that the Volta Region has now become New York. The truth however is that it still remains a God-forsaken region plagued by poor educational attainment, disease, unemployment and a pungent atmosphere of despair which is slowly killing Voltarians. In an election year, it is observed that the NDC is sinking to desperate and despicable depths in order to deceive the people of the Volta Region. Valid criticism of the NDC's record by the opposition prompts a knee-jerk reaction of "tribalism" from their acolytes. They have consistently portrayed valid scrutiny of their lamentable record in their region as anti-Ewe sentiment. It is apparent that this is their "go-to" card, which NDC footsoldiers are only too happy to play – a crass reaction to the valid criticisms. The facts nonetheless, remain incontrovertible.

Even a laudable call for a patently needed new voters' register was met by an accusation of "tribalism" by the ranks of the NDC's uneducated loose cannons. Take for example Koku Anyidoho's response to the issue of the presence of Togolese nationals on the voters' register, who described the raising of concerns as an attempt to "portray and corner the people of Volta region as a group of people who are not part of the country". Such utter garbage!

Rather than attempt to deal with the matter at hand, namely concerns about the presence of ineligible names on the register, Koku Anyidoho shamelessly plays the tribal card – a response which has now become default because of the lack of credible brains to counter these valid criticisms. Voltarian sell-outs, such as Anyidoho and his ilk speak of critics having "evil agendas", "denigrating Ewes as well as the Volta Region". This could not be further from the truth. The government's Machiavellian schemes of obfuscation and doublespeak need to be exposed. Our assessment of the government's record in the Volta is based on facts and issues – nothing more, nothing less. We as Voltarians owe the NDC nothing. If our roads, hospitals, schools, water supply and other infrastructure are sub-par, we as a people cannot support the incumbent government out of a misplaced sense of loyalty. After all, what has this loyalty done for us?

As acknowledged by our esteemed chiefs, the tenure of Mahama's government has seen a stasis of development in the region. Yet in an election year such as this, Mahama tours the length and breadth of the region ostensibly as a bearer of gifts with the promise of future development – a last throw of the dice by a desperate man who knows his time is up. It appears that Voltarians in the rank and file of the NDC are only too happy to ignore the decay and rot in their region so long as they remain on the party's lucrative payroll. So long as these sell-outs receive the crumbs from Mahama's table, they are prepared to turn a blind-eye in their homelands. They are traitors of the highest order.


Koku Anyidoho and his like are only too happy to sing from Mahama's hymn sheet as our people suffer transgression after transgression, tribulation after tribulation, following the party line like a herd of sheep. They have reached the upper echelons of their party and will sell out their people so long as their pockets are lined. They have no morals and no principles and will do anything for financial gain. Traitors!

The NDC does not own the Volta Region and the Volta Region does not owe the NDC. It is time for change. The wind of change shall consume the NDC


Mi Dez? Na T?tr? !



August 25 2016

Abraham Futukpor


Kwame Ashiabi


Source: Volta 4 Change

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